Weekend Open Forum: Do you turn your PC off at night?



I rather turned off my pc than letting it on for the whole day or a week, or on sleep mode, or hibernate. Why? because I've done all of this and the result was my motherboard got busted due to overheating. the worst thing here is if your laptop motherboard got busted is like you've purchase a brand new laptop because of the price of your motherboard is much higher than other hardware in your system. Buy a high end system that boots in seconds, that solves your problem in causing delays in starting up your pc. Thats all thanks.


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Of the 5 pc's we have in the house 1 stays running all the time. That one is used as a media center not only for the other local pc's but a few family members and friends pc's as well.


I leave 2 PC's on 24x7x365. I can't remember the last time I shut them off overnight. I'm talking YEARS......I've been doing this since about 1999.


I usually put my laptop on Hibernate because sleep eats up a lot of battery. Hibernate usually acts quirky with OSX BUT I've absolutely never had trouble with Windows from XP to 7. And I leave desktops on sleep. Desktops already use a good amount of power, I just want them to wake up quickly whenever I'd like to get on. Basically I would never want to use Hibernate unless I have an SSD or I'm not wasting juice.


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I turn it off. My parents would kill if not. And there is no possible way I could sleep through my PC.


As if like my PC Nowadays is Like a Refrigerator, Goofing Around in the Middle of the Night and Morning, Just Trying to See If theres an Updates on my EMAILs, FACEBOOKS NEWS FEEDS, and some in the NEWS in YAHOO... Hahaha! {[_, {[]} {[_,


constantly downloading over night and even when im at uni and work, so pretty much never turn off my baby :)


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I turn my PC off every night before going to sleep. I also turn off the UPS and the power strip on which the PC and the peripherals are plugged in.


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My new Machine has a Green Mode, and at night it goes to minimum powerusage
even lower that Hibernation
it nice, when awake its at nomal power usage
in green mode its less than 5 watts power usage..


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I turn my main machine off when not in use. I have a smaller itx machine that is used for downloading items, irc chat, and instant message logging. I can remote into that machine at anytime.


I shut my computer off every night unless I am downloading a huge file, defragging, full system malware scans, video conversions, benchmarks, auditing, etc or need to charge both my phone and mp3 player, since my usb-to-ac is only one usb port on it, I unfortunately have to keep it on the comp all night (yes it's a waste but I need those items everywhere I go).
A lot of my time consuming maintenance software tools I run while I sleep, then reboot, then power down before going to work.

The issue with power downs/ups being hard on hardware is no issue if you buy quality parts. Like ASUS' newer mobos that have the 8+2 design step the voltage down so gradually that it's not "hard" on the system at all.
My computer is almost 7 yrs old (Athlon64 3500+, ASUS A8VE-Deluxe) and I have turned it on and powered it down literally every day. Still works like a sherman tank. Only thing that has died in it so far is one WD HDD I got the click of death two months ago but the drive was 9yrs old (funny, my 250gb maxtor that's 11yrs old is still running full speed.)
That issue really stopped being relivant 10 years ago, it was mainly for 286/386 systems. Hardware is much more efficient nowadays.


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Unless I have a big download like a steam game then I always turn it off. Since I've had an SSD installed, a cold boot takes under 30 secs from button press to net browsing so why leave it on standby overnight?


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DESKTOP PC: I shut it down when I leave the house, go to sleep at night or don't expect to use it. I use sleep while I am at home and I expect to use my computer again within a couple of hours. For example, If I decide to have lunch, I'll put it to sleep, then when I am back at the pc, then I wake it up.

LAPTOP: I don't use my laptop often so when I'm done and it's going back in the back, I put it into hibernate.

TABLET & iPOD TOUCH: I generally let these use the "off phone" which is really not off. If I remember, I will turn them off before I head to bed.

Two last night,
1. With the huge improvements in operating systems and hardware, I find that sleep/hibernate functions work very well in newer systems.
2. I have always been a fan of full shutdowns to conserve energy and save money on my bills. Also, a full reboot takes only minutes of a new system so no need to leave that thing running all of the time.


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Desktop PC: shutdown for the night
Laptop PC: shutdown for the night
Laptop PC connected to LCD TV: stays on for the month.


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I always turn off my desktop (although I haven't been using it frequently in recent times)/notebook at night, however, very rarely I do leave my DV6 in hibernation mode.


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One of my computers is a low power dual core system that never sleeps.At idle, it barely uses 20 watts of power.