Weekend Open Forum: How many browser tabs are open right now?



11 right now. hate it when I get too many and can't find the tabs I need.


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Like I do most of the time, just one now. Occasionally, up to six or seven.


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Iv got 4 open, I only open a new window on accident lol. Can't stand my dads IE setup of opening a new window when clicking on links. When I wake up I go to yahoo\techspot while I eat breakfast and open 10+ news articles, then make my way through them and the comments over the next few hours or leave them up for when I have time later. I do the same thing with eztv and tbh, though I rarely download anything from TBH but I do like to browse and see user reviews on movies. I kinda use eztv as a tv guide and I download some weekly shows I follow, I hate showing up for shows as they air, I love watching them on my own time. Every day I check eztv to see anything I missed\forgot about the day before. Currently I have 3 tehcake windows up, some videos load slowly so I simultaneously keep 2 up to download while I watch the third. When I am doing my online classes I run about 7 tabs.


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I can't stand having more then I can see at the top of my browser makes me feel cluttered.


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13 at the moment, I try not to let it get TOO far out of hand...

And then I read some people have 75, 100, 125+ tabs and I can only shake my head and say "wow."


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4 (left screen window) + 7 (right screen window) = 11 tabs currently. Not too unusual to see 20 tabs open but I usually only have around 5.


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3 right now, but I've just been gaming. During the course of the day I usually amass 50+ tabs across various open windows in Chrome. I wouldn't be surprised if I hit 100 sometimes.


14 tabs open here on my end. Most are pinned tabs that I keep up. Just faster and easier I guess.