Weekend Open Forum: How many computers do you own?


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I've got far too many, several servers, and enough components laying around to build quite a few more.That is before VM's as well, I've got plenty of them too.

In fact space is such an issue these days my rarely used '09 24" iMac now lives in its box in the cupboard. :haha:

I sooo need to get another server cabinet. :(


2 desktops:
one for work/gaming
one mediaserver

4 laptops:
one oversized my wife using (she likes to work on couch)
one for work
one for carrying around
one multipurposed lying around the house.

Then i have 3-4 old desktops at the attic (still working ones) and 2-3 old laptops (also working ones) I also have parts to assamble another 1-2 desktops and as a bonus i have working 200Mhz dell laptop and, (i'm still suprized its working: 12Mhz ancient DOS laptop with monochromatic gray screen - tho ofc battery is dead as civil rights those days)


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I own 7:

- Acer Laptop - Core 2 Duo, 8GB DDR3, 1TB, GF GT250M
- HP Desktop - Phenom 9550, 4GB DDR2, 1TB, Radeon 4770
- IBM Laptop - Pentium M, 1GB DDR, 60GB, Radeon 7500M
- Motorola Xoom - Tegra 2, 1GB DDR2, 32GB, GF Tegra
- 2x - Pentium 4 (3Ghz/3.2Ghz) - 1GB DDR, 80GB/250GB, Intel GMA/Radeon 4350
- IBM Desktop - Pentium 3 600Mhz - 256MB SD, 20GB, ATI Rage IIc


I have 1 Linux server
2 windows media centers
1 Gaming/Dev Windows Machine (water cooled beast) -- 30 inch dell + 20 inch dell
1 Convertible Windows tablet laptop
1 New Dev windows laptop
1 bathroom netbook (i know that's sad)
1 mac mini (dev) -- 2 20 inch dells
Wife has 1 17 inch mac book pro
2 Viesonic Gtabs
2 Coby 7 inch tables
1 nook color
Transformer Prime


Personally, 3. 1 desktop that I use regularly (quad core, 2.34 ghz), 1 desktop running XP that I have connected to my living room television and use as a media server, and 1 laptop that I use all the time.

If we are talking household, then there are 8 - my wife's laptop, and each of my kids have a desktop and a laptop,


In my household (Germany), there are 4 computers in use (all bought after 2008; there are no reserve machine or spare parts any more):

1. Dell Hybrid (mini desktop) for daily use in my studio.
2. MacMini in my wife's room/guestroom, connects to a 22''-TV and used also as a TV recorder with an Elgato-USB-TV-stick.
3. My Dell Studio laptop with Win Vista and 3 Linux distribution (for experimenting with OS'es).
4. My wife's Dell Studio laptop with Win 7 in the living-room for her search for news and new recipes

Altogether, I owned about 20 desktop computers (mostly self-built) through the last 20 years, all given away to family, friends, and charitable organisations.

PS.: Does the Squeezebox Touch count?


2 pcs & 2 laptops + hp touchpad.

first.... intel 2500k cpu 3.3ghz, asus mobo, hd5870, 8gb ram, tx750 psu, cooler master case, 2.5tb. (me gaming rig)

Second... amd 6000+ dual core cpu 3ghz, asus mobo, hd3870, 4gb ram, 550w psu, akasa case, 1tb (family use)

third... hp laptop, i3 2.3ghz, 4gig ram, 500gb.

forth... semans fijsu laptop, turion 2ghz, 4 gb ram, 500gb.

hp touch pad.

all of these are in daily use.



on January 29, 2012
10:57 AM


In my household (Germany), there are 4 computers in use (all bought after 2008; there are no reserve machine or spare parts any more):

1. Dell Hybrid (mini desktop) for daily use in my studio.
2. MacMini in my wife's room/guestroom, connects to a 22''-TV and used also as a TV recorder with an Elgato-USB-TV-stick.
3. My Dell Studio laptop with Win Vista and 3 Linux distributions (for experimenting with OS'es).
4. My wife's Dell Studio laptop with Win 7 in the living-room for her search for news and new recipes.

aI nearly forgot our newest arrivel from Nov. 2011:
5. An ASUS Netbook EEC for travelling by train or air.


NeXT Cube (68040 @ 25MHz)
TRS-80 Model 100
Celeron w/ 3TB Raid 5 and a 2TB main drive
PII 266 w/50 or so GB (Old firewall)
3 assorted laptops
Core 2 duo at 3.33 GHz with 5TB
Dual-core Atom based Media box (1.5 TB on it)
Another laptop
Coming in a week: A 6 core i7 (Also with 5TB! Woot! and 24GB Ram. This thing's gonna be a beast).


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I just counted: 16? Seriously?

Triple Monitor i7
3D Monitor Core 2 Quad
Asus i7 Laptop
Mac Pro
PowerMac G5
Mac Mini
Phenom II X3 Server
Core i3 Server
Core i5 HTPC
Xenon HTPC
Amiga 500
Amiga 1200
Amiga 3000
Apple IIgs
Mac Quadra 630

Plus two Honeycomb tablets...


1. My main PC
2. Wife's PC
3. Oldest son's PC
4. Youngest son's PC
5. Basement workbench PC
6. Music studio PC
7. TV PC (Linux/MythTV)
8. Firewall (IPcop)
9. Media server
10. BBS

So, 10 computers running 24/7. This doesn't count the antiques: TRS-80s, Apples, C-64s


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Two Intel based mini-ITX systems at the moment, one acting as a gaming system in a Lian Li PC-Q08, and another as a hacked up poorman's file server in a diminutive foxconn case and Coolermaster Drive cage sitting outside of it. :lol: anyone have any suggestions for a -small- rackmount case that can hold at least 5 Drives? For a more elegant solution...

While I COULD count my laptop since I've used it in the past 6 months, it is over 6 years old. I'm waiting to check out Lenovo's T430u and Ivybridge before what will likely be a $1500 purchase.


Hmmm... lets see.

27 in iMac (used as monitor for gaming desktop) (mine)
Gaming desktop w/ i7 and 570 (mine)
Gaming desktop w/ i5 and 570 (brother's) (built yesterday)
Laptop that my dad uses to work on
Dell desktop that is ancient, but still in use.


3 PCs

1 hand built i7-2600k tower with all the goodies, SLI, Revo SSD, etc

2 old HP AMD X2 laptop running windows XP which I only when I travel out of town. It never even leaves the case when I'm home.

3 hand built i5-2500k gaming tower (wife's primary PC) but with a few special features.
I Ran HDMI, USB, VGA and audio ports through through the walls, so I can access her PC in the bedroom, on the Bedroom bigscreen, or in the livingroom on the plasma. Also serves as a media player in almost any room in the house. Just walk in and turn on the speakers, everything leads back to her PC
I currently have:
1 Athlon II X4 Desktop (current gaming PC)
1 Athlon XP 2800+ Desktop (former gamer PC, current media server)
1 Lenovo G560 Laptop
2 2TB WD My Book World NAS'
1 Quantex Pentium PC (used for the kid's Oregon Trail, and in case tape drives come back!)
3 Silverside G4 Dual CPU MACs (dust collectors)
10-12 various skeleton PCs (mostly freebies)


OMG. You guys certainly have too many computers. Until recently we had only two computers in our household. A desktop that I use mainly and a laptop my wife uses. Mind you, I am a serious hardware geek and knows every crap there is about computers both hardware and software. And still I had only 2.

Now, I recently switched my job and I received two new laptops from my company. A mac pro and a Dell. Also, I bought a new gaming PC. So, in total now we have 5 computers and I thought I have too many.


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I retired my desktop little over a year ago when I had to travel abroad for studies. So, just one, a Core 2 Duo laptop in need of an upgrade.


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In our home we have:
- 4 Desktops running Windows 7
- 2 Laptops running Windows 7
- 1 Laptop running Windows XP
- 1 Macbook Air with i7 processor

We have 5 computer users in our household


Wife's laptop. Kid's laptop. My laptop. My tower.
Four total in service at the house. Wife took my last build desktop to her business. I run my desktop and laptop together for work with three monitors on the desk.


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lol @ ppl posting specs a lot of willy waving and in many cases the pcs you have posted are utter pants

Anyways 5 machines I used regular thats my main desktop, a couple of laptops, server and media player.

You mentioned not to list tablets but my tablet is a windows one (zoostorm) so it is a pc unlike the tablets like ipad.


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Three desktops running Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows 7 Ultimate plus one aging Compaq C702TU laptop running Windows XP. The XP desktop recently got a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti card to replace its damaged 8800GT card and both XP and Windows 7 desktops are scheduled to have their boot disks upgraded to 2 Terabyte WD Caviar Black HDDs with the Windows 7 machine also getting an AMD HD 6990 to replace its Nvidia GTX 275 card.


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I have 1 Main Desktop, 1 Main Work Laptop and plan on making a low power server in the near future.

As Per Emexrulsier, A lot of Willie waving has been going on, so i'm going to join in on the action :)

Main Desktop:
Core i7 2600K - Watercooled using Corsair H60
Vertex III 120GB SSD
2 Raided 640GB WD Black HDD's
8GB Corsair Dominator 8-7-8-20 1600MHz DDR3
Asus GTX560Ti TOP Edition (overclocked to 950MHz)
OCZ ZT 750 Watt
Asus P67 Sabertooth Rev3

Currently all housed in a CoolerMaster Cosmos S chassis

Plan on upgrading the Case to a Cosmos II at some point and the graphics card to a new Kepler power plant (going big this time round).

Laptop is a HP Probook 6560b, 8GB RAM, 320GB WD Black Hard Drive, Core i5.
Pretty solid and speedy system, only complaint is the screen is crap.

I want an iPad 3 when it comes out if it does come out with a high res screen, I've got an iPhone 4S that I use religiously.


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am a student, only recently started building a desktop to overcome the horsepower limitation of my 2008 laptop. yeah i do have some older crap like ati 9700 based laptop, but i don't even power it on anymore. this is what i used to browse techspot:

1x Desktop PC + 32" LCD TV
1x Laptop PC with 15.4" LCD

my next upgrade? i honestly want a practical Windows-8 tablet. but that's not really necessary. i don't like bringing stuff around.