Weekend Open Forum: Tech gear you travel with


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In about a month I'll be traveling to China, the flight from Colombia to Los Angeles takes about 7 hours and from Los Angeles to Shanghai takes 14, so I'm really planning to take as many gadgets as I can to distract myself (I can't sleep in planes). Along with me I'll have my iPhone 4, my trusty Lenovo Y460 (includes a GT550m for gaming), a Nikon D5000 D-SLR Camera, probably my dusty Nintendo DS Lite (which I haven't used in about a year), a Razer Orochi Mouse... that's probably it, I hope it helps a lot distracting me during those long flights :)


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Hmmm, things which never really leave me are:

JVC Black Series HA-M750 Closed Headphones
FiiO e5 Portable Amplifier
Cowon iAudio 9 16GB

Samsung Galaxy S (Rooted and custom rom with custom kernel)
Fujifilm HS10 Hybrid Digital Camera.



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At the top of my list is my Nikon D7000 with a few different lenses,
A Canon G9 as a backup camera,
My iPod Touch 4G for tunes,
and my laptop. I don't currently have a tablet, though I intend on getting one in the very near future.

For a new tablet, I've narrowed my choices down to the #1 Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, #2 Asus EEE Pad Transformer, and #3 Kindle Fire (which I may get along with one of the other two just for grins).

Julio Franco

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Hmm, let me think... my basics for travel: MacBook Pro, headphones and iPhone.
Then depending on the destination: Asus portable wi-fi router and spare ethernet cable, GPS, Canon Rebel XSi/Panasonic HD camcorder, and my desktop-sized mouse and mousepad (Razer Deathadder).


I'm a little anti-social I guess, I got rid of my cell because I missed being able to get away from people. As for gadgets, on the rare occasion I'll bring my laptop with me. If I'm going on vacation I'll bring my camera...


-I never even travel from the freezer to the microwave (college student) without my Motorola Atrix

-When I travel I make sure my ipod is fully charged and freshly updated with the songs I may or may not have just got from thepiratebay to insure sanity

-An 8 GB flash drive and a 2 GB spare in the event the 8 GB one gets washed again

-I remove the dust from my psp if its a long trip

-Last but not least a true geek is never fully dressed without his Multi-tool

... It seems Im an oddity without even owning a laptop but I had a nettop once that I hated due to lack of horse power and the unwillingness to pay for a nice one; considering I have a gaming PC at home and I paid lab fees I dont really have the need


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My G2x (rooted, no custom roms or kernals...yet, lol)
If it's a long trip and i'm not driving, my dinky Archos 101 for watching movies
If i'm traveling out of town, my laptop and 1tb WD hard drive


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HTC Desire HD w/ Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro headphones
Sony Nex 5 camera
Lenovo S205 AMD E-350 Fusion


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Lets see newspaper, a book, my glasses so I can see real far out the window in hd. Something that takes time to eat like beef jerky, pistachios, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.

If I still had it id say my htc droid x smart phone with head phones.


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btw i dont recommend wearing a back pack that says hd dvd or anything about electronics when traveling that just says please rob me


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treetops said:
btw i dont recommend wearing a back pack that says hd dvd or anything about electronics when traveling that just says please rob me
I'm not sure anybody would rob your HDDVDs ;)


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I travel with

-17 in MacBook Pro
-External HD
-Fatality Headset
-Razor Copperhead Mouse

All in my book bag for easy travel.


I travel with my MS-DOS computer complete with a CRT monitor and a cassette player or if I'm feeling really techy, a Sony Walkman!! If I have an extra backpack, I might bring a cellular phone, as long as I'm not planning to walk long distances, I have to be careful though because sometimes the antenna slips out and breaks.


Bringing a gaming headset and a gaming mouse everywhere with a crappy laptop... Are you retarded?
Maybe he plays cs/css/steam games..... surely mac can play them at least!


Day to day;
Galaxy S
Galaxy S2
Sony Ericsson W995
ZTE Blade/San Francisco
Work laptop - HP EliteBook
Ethernet cable, mouse, security cable
Three sets of earphones
Mobile chargers
Kingston Data Traveller 16gb
Toshiba gigabeat 60gb
3 different USB cables
headphone extension cable
USB extension cable

If I'm staying overnight add;
Personal laptop
Seagate external harddrive
A good book