Weekend Open Forum: Tech gear you travel with

By Shawn Knight ยท 37 replies
Oct 7, 2011
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  1. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,471   +375

    I try to keep my D700 with a "daily use, all range" loadout around at all times, though I've been thinking about cutting back on it a little so I can actually fit a laptop in my bag. Of course... I NEED a new laptop. An IBM Thinkpad T43p is REALLY showing its age nowadays... Other than that, My phone, and that's about it at the moment.
  2. I bring one (or both) of my PC laptops.
    They have better hardware than a mac and I saved about $700. Each.
    Plus, I like being able to sync with family and friends without jumping through hoops.
    I'd imagine it'd be embarrassing to say, "No.... I can't do that :(.... and I paid $700+ more than you for my laptop."
  3. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    And pulling a diesel generator on a Radio Flyer behind you...
  4. rajmond

    rajmond TS Rookie Posts: 45

    My tablet: Asus EEE Pad Transformer.
  5. For longish distances (with my wife at the wheel) I listen to my Philips 8-GB-Vibe player (mp3 64/128), when driving by myself I throw an mp3-CD (128) into the car radio slot.
    For hotel rooms we carry along my wife's Dell Studio laptop (also on the offchance of free internet access.)
    For a longer stay iin a holiday flat we take along an Archos 20-GB-player (also mp3 128) and a PC-speaker set to make up somehow for a decent stereo equipment.
    My wife has a new Nikon digital camera, and we both have a Samsung mobile phone (pre-paid), which is, however, rarely used, just in case one of us gets lost/lost his/her way.
    If there is no TV access, we can still get it going on the laptop by means of a Terratec USB-stick (DVB-T), works (nearly) everywhere.

    BTW: I'm German and love CLASSICAL music.
  6. hmm.. for an asian girl like me, I always bring:

    optional sennheiser earphones in case my apple earphones broken
    Sony Vaio P11ZG that fits to my backpocket
    finger-attached laser mouse
    my japan-made-sunglases dat can change colors (purple,black,blue,etc)depends on light condition
    verbatim store n go netbook mini usb (at the size of dongle) 16GB
    bulletproof Corsair flash drive 8GB
    Tissot T-touch watch
    swiss army knife
    white backpack (mashimaro brand)
    ..and my gold visa card

    all in my Nissan 350Z, but I don't bring this when go overseas, too heavy :p
  7. Renrew

    Renrew TS Enthusiast Posts: 253   +19

    Size 12 EEE shoes with Velcro fasteners.
  8. mynameis

    mynameis TS Member Posts: 19

    -Motorola Atrix
    -Work Laptop (Latitude E4300) or my MacBook Pro depending on where I am going
    -Kindle 3G

    I am between tablets right now, just sold my Xoom but I would pick up a new one before going anywhere that requires plane travel, probably something ~7in
  9. boybrushdred

    boybrushdred TS Member Posts: 26

    i bring my iphone, headphones, and psp
  10. I always take my work laptop (Dell Latitude E6400) on business trips and sometimes on personal trips. If not then I'll take my personal Acer Aspire 5820T. Don't forget power packs and plug adaptors as well. Basic Dell corded mouse (I love it for the forward and back buttons!), two portable hard drives (1TB and 500GB) for media. Nokia C7, plus charger and USB, Nike sports headphones and a two pin adaptor for the aeroplane. If I'm getting a hire car then an aux cable and Nokia remote music change cable.
  11. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 839   +29

    I usually bring my laptop backpack with me which has just about everything needed to fix a computer. Laptop, Ethernet cable, cross over cable, little tool kit for taking apart computers, couple external hdds, usb to hdd adapter cable, my tools for making Ethernet cables(even tho I don't bring the cable unless requested - this way I don't loose the tools :p), my rescue external hdd, and my cd's with all my rescue, repair cd's for those computers that can't boot from USB and a 300watt power inverter. (For charging devices in the car.)
    I know it seems a bit much to travel with, but just about every time I go on a trip someone is like "oh hey I have something wrong with my computer....", and I end up helping them with it :p.
  12. I always travel with
    acer Netbook
    tomtom gps
    Ipod video
    Samsung Fascinate
    and a pistol
  13. I travel for months at a time.

    A laptop is simply too big and heavy.

    I used to travel with a Canon SX10. Now it is a tiny SONY camera with an underwater case.

    I travel with an ereader. A KOBO touch. I read a lot on long trips and I can bring travel guides (Lonely Planet). Sure a tablet is nice but the screen for reading is much better on a Kobo touch. Sometimes I use my friends Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    I wish the tablets had an eink display.

    But the #1 device I travel with is an old Dell x51v. Now discontinued.

    Great for email, internet, lists, contacts. Sure the tablets are made to replace this, but the Dell is ***MUCH*** smaller, works with both wireless and direct LAN cables, and has lots of software available, GPS too.

    I do carry all software I use on a Kingston 32 GB thumb drive.

    An LED flashlight is key.

    A cell phone is very handy. Unlocked of course. I buy a SIM card in an y country I go to

    So. Small and light with international capabilities. I use a dust and waterproof Samsung GT 82710. I once dropped a regular cell phone in an Asian toilet traveling from China to Mongolia.

    Oh. Gomadic makes a single charger to charge everything so I do not need to have a charger for everything..

    I realize that much of what I carry is old and different, but over years of travel, this is what I use.

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