Weekend Open Forum: What kind of mouse do you use?


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My current mouse is a Logitech LS1 Laser Mouse which I picked very cheaply from a hardware shop. It is very basic but it seems to be very good quality, works well and looks good. When I need to replace it I will be looking at Logitech.


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Roccat Kone XTD (laser). It's the best mouse I've had so far. My Death Adder has been demoted to closet duty.
Now we're talking. I loved my Kone Pure but scroll wheel packed up from cape swinging in Batman so I repaired it, now that's the only thing that works properly on it. They're so expensive here so I changed to a Corsair M65 and regretting it. I'll go back though.
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Corsair M65 but I'm not happy with it. There are no better or comfortable mice than the Roccat Kone for me. I'll get one soon though, I've had enough of these other brands.


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Simple and very practical Steel series Kinzu v2.

Was using Razer products few times, but these just fall apart after 3-6 months. For the price they charge - it's rubbish.


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I picked up a Razer BF3 Imperator on sale for cheap and like it a lot. I also use a Corsair m40 which is okay.


Cyborg R.A.T. 5 since 2010 will be buying another one when this one breaks it's like a part of my hand now xD


Last 10 years I've had 1x Logitech G5, 2x Razer Deathadder and am currently using a Steelseries Rival. After getting the Rival I actually think the previous 3 has been a bit to large for my hand, it is a perfect match.


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I have an old Logitech MX518 I use at my shop for sign layout and graphic design that has been with the company longer than I have :p. Previous owners son bought it for the same purpose a bit before I stared 8 yrd ago. Great mouse!
At home I use its successor - Logitech g400 mouse for gaming and everyday computer stuff. Love it too! I used to use cheao, Logitech 3 button mice, but after inheriting the mx518 I couldn't stand the cheap ones anymore. Unfortunately by then Logitech had retired to mx518 and I couldn't get the exact same mouse for home. But I still love my g400


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The very first edition of Razer Deathadder (I think I bought it in 2008). Still works. From what I hear tho, the quality of razer products is not as good as it used to be.
Logitech MX Master - finally a full sized, bluetooth, gaming mouse. Use it with a MacBook Pro and have nothing but an exceptional experience with the device and the connectivity.


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I'm waiting for my Logitech g502 to arrive, my old DeathAdder isn't working properly so I had to change it. I hope the Logitech g502 is a good replacement.


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Logitech LX7. Its discontinued and is expensive to buy on eBay. I bought one many years ago and it finally died... got a new one for Christmas (I had to give the eBay link). It is the best shape I've ever found in a mouse for my hands, weight is good, I like the back and forward buttons, and battery life is ~1 year.