Weekend Open Forum: What's your all-time favorite video game console?



SE-GA! I'm talking about the Genesis/MegaDrive, of course.
The original Playstation was also very neat.


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Computer was the first for me, any one remember LHX attach chopper? Oh I hated when I couldn't find the book for the answers to first get into the game lol


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Out of the ones that I have owned (Atari 2600, SNES, Xbox) and played (intellivision, colecovision, odessey, NES), the 2600 was probably my favorite. I probably spent more hours on that than all other consoles combined, but part of that was my age, when i didn't have a job or kids to raise so I could devote much more time to it. And this was when Activison still made good original games, before Bobby Kotick took over and made the name synonymous with evil and franchises. I got my SNES too late in it's life cycle, when very few new games were being released. I got my Xbox because it was cheaper than a new gaming PC, but I had already been playing space sims and FPS on my PC and just never really got into the Xbox.


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Sega Saturn all day ever day. Rolllinngggggg startttttt, gotta love daytona usa, virtua fighter the first 3d fighter to use polygons and virtual on was the best damn game ever. But im a pc fan since the 3dfx days to show my age a bit.


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SNES and N64 where my most memorable, PS2 however was my favorite. 360 when it first came out was good but then PC finally took over my life.


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I still have my Dreamcast and SNES. But he DC gets the nod as my favourite console ever, it created the whole idea of online play (albeit on a dial up connection at the time).


INTELLIVISION, I think there's two L's in that :p

Then Coleco Vision, not sure if I got the spelling right on that one either :)


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Sega Saturn + 4-in-1 Cart + Import fighting games = pixel perfect arcade ports. My all time fav right there! I've been gaming pretty hardcore for many years now and nothing has compared to my joy when I would overnight my games from Japan and the UPS or Fedex man would ring my doorbell.


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Kind of a long post but I dont care cause this is definitely something that has been intertwined throughout my life.

I, like the author, got my first NES system back in 1987, i was 6 at the time. I was lucky enough to actually get the one that had the robot you could control to go with it. The robot malfunctioned, according to my parents and took it back to the toy store and bought a SEGA system, not the genesis, but the 8 bit system before 16 bit was the cool. Remember Altered Beast? Good game. Kinda scary too for a 6 year old. Something happened with it too, so my parents got another NES system again but no robot included. That system stayed with me and my brother from 1988 to when we sold it and all 25 games in 1995. Why? the SNES came, and consumed me until the 64 came along and held me all the way through high school.

Something happened though between nintendo and snes: The computer. Dad bought a Packard Bell with a NEW 386sx processor in it. I had a tank game at first and then came Doom on 3.5 inch disks. The game didnt play though, and i didnt understand that. i thought any computer could play any game. I remember the MSDOS prompt saying "not enough physical ram to execute" This started my obsession with pc parts and upgrading. I was 10 and began opening up computers to see whats inside.

Anyway, i digress. One interesting system that i got that was on its way out was the Sega Saturn. i was impressed with cd technology at the time and that you no longer needed cartridges but cd discs to play on this. The sound was incredible on a sega saturn. I had mortal kombat 3 for it and it was just like the coin op game at the arcade! I ended up selling it to a younger kid at the time. I just lost interest because of the very few games produced for it and i ended up only buying 5 games for it.

original xbox was fun, but mainly for halo. Other titles were good but thats the main reason i bought it.

I bought a wii 2 years ago but seldom play it. It seems too kiddy for me.

I never bought a 360. I never owned a sega genesis, game cube, ps1 or 2, 3. And strangely, the PC is the one thing I still enjoy playing games on. i just bought a new gaming rig and i have the latest titles right now and love it. nothing compares. Even my old packard bell days with Doom and Wolfenstein were some of the best gaming days.


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I've loved and owned just about all of them, but none of them compare to the nostalgia I have for my Dreamcast. I was never so completely obsessed and excited with a platform before it, and haven't been since. I'm on my third one... And still a moderator/regular poster at www.dcemulation.org :)


Once I switched over to PC gaming, I never went back to my consoles.

I never thought any of them were that great to be honest.


Gotta go with the Atari Lynx. Most underrated console of all time and it completely pwned the gameboy and sega game gear. I still remember playing switchblade 2 but I can't ever remember playing switchblade.


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SNES and N64... Two games I love still now where release for those systems. Nowadays consoles are just trying to copy a PC without success that's why stay with my pc.


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i loved a few consoles but the PS1 was my favorite because of games like final fantasy 7,8,9 the first MGS, Legend of dragoon, and many many more. I also loved the sega saturn which i still own. the SNES and PS2 round out the ones i loved the most. Currently love my PS3 and Mass Effect 3 :D


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Favorite game console? N64. Many hours playing super smash brothers, Golden eye and perfect dark.

My favorite platform is PC though, always has been. PC and Freespace 2...that game still gives me chills... Best game ever made IMO


My first console was NES and had some fun times with ghosts and goblins, contra and mario among other games but, my fav was SNES becuase of mortal combat. Dang brings back memories.