Weekend Open Forum: What's your all-time favorite video game console?


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N64 - great little console that was and so many classic games came out on it.


atari. many hours of enduro megamania bobby is going home.


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The Turbo Grafix 16 at the time it was awesome, I kept it and played it till the green boards wore out on controllers.

Julio Franco

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I've owned quite a few but the one I've enjoyed the most by far is the PlayStation 2. It wasn't the console that mattered though, but the perfect timing, a period when most of my friends would meet to play games and hang around, that kind of thing.


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Tossup between the SNES and PS2, though I had far more games and playtime on the former. I have great memories playing Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast as well, Paul. Good times.


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That's a tough one... Dreamcast was certainly a great console and was incredibly underrated if you ask me; I still have mine too. I guess DC followed by either PS2 or first gen Xbox. Halo plus XBC owned my life for a little while... until I found HL2 and PC gaming. Before that I didn't really get into PC games.


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For me it is definately the ps2, I'm not old enough to know anything before the N64, my first console was a N64 and ps1 at the same time, but I enjoyed metal gear solid more than mario and stuck with it, then the ps2 came out and that really was a great system, to this day I still have all my ps2 games and controllers and the console itself and I still have a play on it every now and again. Until the little buggar dies I'm going to be rocking my ps2 for plenty of years to come!


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There are two that are carved into me. 1. Intellivision, a ton of good memories. I remember as a kid the selling point (so my parents/dad would buy it) was the Horse Racing game. My parents owned a bar and after closing he and a few of his friends would place bets on the horses. The second one would be snes and super mario. After getting it me and a friend played hookie from everything and played it straight through.


I've owned every Nintendo home console. NES, SNES, N64, GCN, and Wii. A couple years ago I tainted myself and purchased an Xbox 360. Though I only ever use my Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Center extender lol.

My all time favorite system is the SNES. Even to this day I play SNES games using emulators lol
The majority of my gaming time is on PC though.



It was the most fun I have ever had playing games. Sonic Adventures and fur fighters are still at the top of my list of favorite games.


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I have to say the computer. It is far more versatile than any console, and I like the controls and freedom (to change controls and settings) that you get in PC games. The only consoles I own are an old Genesis that I picked up out of nostalgia (I had a good friend who had one when I was a kid) and a Gamecube that I picked up so I could play Soul Caliber, Spiderman (both 2 and Ultimate), and a couple others.

In my opinion, the only problem with the PC is that a lot of game developers ignore it.


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Quite frankly, after staring at the screen for 2 minutes, I've come to the realization I don't have a favorite console. They were all good parts of my long childhood. It's equivalent to ask what type of candy you liked the best back then. Not an easy task. I'd prefer to list my favorite games on my favorites consoles from each generation; it's easier that way.

For me, back when I had my NES, I remember I borrowed a NES Zapper from a friend, and it was fun as hell with: Duck Hunt.

When I had my SNES the best one had to be: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. (Although Super Mario World is a <I>very</I> close second.)

When I had my N64: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. (GOAT)

When I had a PS: Valkyrie Profile.

When I had a PS2: Final Fantasy X.

And now, well, I'm a PC guy. My girlfriend has nearly convinced me to get a PS3, as she now wants a Blu-Ray player. Who knows, I might buy one or two games if I get one. Sadly, however, things have changed; companies are now more about day-one DLCs and monetizing on players than delivering meaningful experiences like the games I listed (well, <i>except</i> Duck Hunt as for a meaningful experience, but you get the point).


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I'll have to go with the 64, I guess I had the most fun with it pwning my school buddies in GoldenEye, also racing and kart battling with my brothers in MarioKart was priceless, lol now that I think about it I remember playing RainbowSix with a neighbor and of course the endless nights playing Zelda.

Been a PC guy for 2 years now, I rarely turn on my 360.


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Probably the SNES, n64, or gamecube. For multiplayer purposes ( had to play with 3 brothers) probably the n64. Donkey Kong 64....what a freaking AWESOME game.