Weekend Open Forum: What's your favorite video game franchise?


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Was there a weekend reading this week? Or did I miss that?

It's nice to wake up on Sundays and have a long reading list.

Michael Baker

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Maybe I am just too old, but I am surprised no one has mentioned two of my favorites yet: KOTOR (I, II, and Old Republic) and Unreal Tournament (99 and 2K3/4).


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The Witcher (The best. Witcher 3 was the best game I've ever played my whole life).

No specific order:

Metal Gear
Batman Arkham
Prince of Persia Trilogy

That Other Guy

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The old goldbox TSR forgotten realms games. so many hours on ye olde C64

more recent series of games include Worms, XCOM (never played the originals, but I love the updated ones), anything Final Fantasy, Need for Speed, and Starcraft. there are tonnes more, but these are the cream of the crop