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Weekend Open Forum: Your favorite co-op games

By Matthew ยท 47 replies
Jul 20, 2012
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  1. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    I have fond memories of playing Halo coop with my little brother, more recently playing the Torchlight 2 beta with my wife.
  2. Benny26

    Benny26 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,535   +50

    An old not so great game for the PS2 called Operation Winback is my highlight. It had an amazing up to 4-player battle mode that me and my mates played for weeks on the PS2's 4 joypad multi-tap.

    Story mode wasn't much to shout about but the multi-player was something else fun wise.
  3. foreverzero89

    foreverzero89 TS Enthusiast Posts: 217

    lets see.....double dragon, battle toads, the second teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade version. I knw theres more, I just can't remember right now.
  4. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 1,911   +593

    L4D2 and BF3 (Conquest and Rush modes)
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  5. Saying on forehand I'm slightly biased as I'm a civ aficionado,

    but I loved playing coop Civ IV with my mates everyone their own nation against teams of 3 cpu players :)

    secret of mana +1 ;)

    time splitters 1/2/3 (ps2/xbox(360))
  6. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,247   +448

    River City Ransom!
    Guardian Heroes
  7. Double Dragon!!!

    or...TMNT on the NES
  8. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    The only coop games I really played was arcade games when I was a kid. Double Dragon and TMNT come to mind as favorites.
  9. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,171   +203

    I remember guardian heroes, played gunstar heroes too. awesome games!

    Super contra 3 (probotector)

    Saints row the third also worth a mention.
  10. danhodge

    danhodge TS Member Posts: 80   +13

    Its an odd suggestion, but the coop missions/free roam on GTA4 were quite fun...
    I hear GTA3 was better, but I never played that.
  11. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,160   +829

    Doom 3 coop mod, best ever
  12. left4dead 2 was great till I swapped my xbox for a ps3 not knowing wasnt available on ps3 :S although payday:the heist is along the same lines but not as good call of duty blackops zombies is good for co-op...but battlefield 2 on the pc is still a great co-op team game better than battlefield 3 just not as good graphics we need more co-op games.....
  13. river city ransom +1
  14. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +48

    One suggestion, don't try and use Steam to play Unreal Tournament in multiplayer! I personally choose to use the built in multiplayer feature that comes stock with the game. I play everything from Unreal Tournament 1999 to Unreal III and all those games have reasonable stock multiplayer functionality!

    But to answer this topic areas question, personally, my favorite co-op multiplayer game at present time has to be Call of Duty 4 "Modern Warfare"!
  15. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 1,685   +1,081

    Left4Dead; BF1942, esp. mods like Desert Combat, Eve of Destruction; Total Annihilation; Dungeon Siege; Diablo II; Darkstone; Hidden and Dangerous; Unreal Tournament; Serious Sam 1 and 2; Duke Nukem 3D; Blood (ye gods, my <I>kingdom</I> for a worthy sequel) and so many more I've forgotten.

    I notice an awful lot of good co-op games start with 'D' or have words starting with 'D" in the title. Hmmm...
  16. Lurker101

    Lurker101 TS Evangelist Posts: 798   +318

    Super Smash TV doesn't have a single D in it
  17. Don't play multi-player, don't play co-op. Only single player.

    'Nuff said.
  18. Renrew

    Renrew TS Enthusiast Posts: 253   +19

    In Starcraft II:

    mods Special Forces Elite and Hero Attack
  19. WildEast

    WildEast TS Rookie

    Big fan of coop games here, here is what I've played on the PC so far:

    Gears of War - good action pack but limited coop features
    Resident Evil 5 - good as well but got lots of coop features
    Trine 2 - really fun
    Lara Croft and the guardian of light - full of coop elements and is really fun as well

    Sanctum - ehh not much, a tower defense game
    Renegade Ops - really good but not great
    Rage - short coop mode, not worth it for coop only
    Magicka - fun and all but does have networking issues + buggy

    Lost planet 2 - Bugs+Bugs
  20. Pmazzei

    Pmazzei TS Rookie

    Hunters: The Reckoning.
  21. Goldeneye is deathmatch not co-op
    - Doom 2 (Good times co-op'ing this monster on DWANGO)
    - Duke Nukem 3d
    - Serious Sam the Second Encounter/2 (just point and click)
    - Blood
    - Diablo II

    - Smash TV
    - Final Fight
    - Bubble Bobble
    - Raiden II
    - Alien vs Predator
    - Lethal Enforcers/Operation Wolf (the originator of SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY)
    - Golden Axe
    - Metal Slug series

    - Contra/Contra III The Alien Wars
    - Double Dragon II
    - Battletoads series
    - Life Force
    - sports games that are team-based
    - TimeSplitters
    - Super Mario Bros 3/Super Mario World (you share the same objective within the same game)
    Many others, dinner ready, too hungry to think of more :D
  22. Marnomancer

    Marnomancer TS Booster Posts: 723   +51

    I personally found the combat system amazing w.r.t. RE1-3. Though over-the-shoulder is not my preference, it's better than a fixed-position camera.
  23. Somian

    Somian TS Rookie

    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (PC version). extremely hard but awesome in co-op because you're really dependent on each other and after one hour in the combat zone without the possibility to quick save your hands are shaking and every sound makes you crazy as you cover each others backs and peer in every corner with your night vision googles (or the sun is so bright that the dark corners are blacked out)

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