By t00lb0x
Aug 5, 2005
  1. Need Wireless Help! WESTEL 2200 to NETGEAR WIRELESS ROUTER - Setup Questions?

    I just got DSL for the first time. I received a Westel 2200 modem/router with DSL plan. I want to use my netgear wireless router for pda/laptop/other pcs in house (for obvious reasons). I connected from DSL modem WAN port to port1 on netgear, from port2 on netgear to my main pc via ethernet cable. Thus making my neatgear a wireless access point/switch (i'm assuming)

    All works fine there, access internet, etc... However, now when i try to connect via wifi with my pda it shows i'm "connected" but i can not access the internet or network shares on my main pc.

    Note: I used to have cable modem and a different setup, then using the wireless netgear as a router only and connected from the cable modem to the WAN port on the netgear. I had the wireless access working fine then.

    Another Note: Westel 2200 gives an internal ip range of -


    1) Is there a way to access/manage the wireless netgear router now?
    2) What do i need to do to get wireless access fully functional for pda again?
    3) Where's my coffee, oh there it is, nevermind...

    Apologies if I duped another post, I searched but couldn't find this exact issue.

  2. t00lb0x

    t00lb0x TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nevermind, i figured it out... thanks!
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