What Ever Happened to Winamp?


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Winamp to me is just one thing - nostalgia. Especially the default UI shown above.

As time passed by, I just started using Windows Media Player, since it's already integrated with Windows.

But still, Winamp still holds a place in my nostalgic heart.

I think I will try to install back the freeware versions in my 86Box (PCem fork) 's Win9x profiles.



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I love all the comments above... Funny stuff.

I still use Winamp, two different versions actually. 2.95 for audio and 5.8 for video. Both work perfectly. No need to change what works.


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Winamp went the path web browsers os going (in cell phones)... It's been past long the day the only way you could listen to music was playing MP3 files so Winamp lost it appeal to me. Even before I surrended to Google Music service (Im a Spotify happy user nowadays) I used to listen to my MP3 collection on just my cellphone using Google Music as a music player, than VLC for Android.

Now as most plain music consumer, stream is the default service for me. Also I really loved the visualization plugins for Winamp, but now whenever I got to time and interest to also see something music related I prefer some live concert or music video clip, firing up some video streaming service anyway.

As a plain media consumer only MPC HC still survive after a Windows 10 reinstall, still I only install it when some hard to find movie need the torrent treatment.


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I was thinking about winamp myself the other day. Ah the days when the internets was better, and not every tom **** and harry was on it, ruining it for everyone else.
And that includes apple and its awful software that still is horrible, but then its Apple.

But to turn to VLC. No way. And while that horrible player with that awful icon (why the fudge would you install something that changes all your icons to a traffic cone) could play near enough everything, so could MPClassic with ffdshow and the cccp codec pack, and we just wanted to play them .mkv files for the anime.



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Obligatory Foobar2000 plug.

Was a Winamp user as a little teenage runt. Still have fond memories of it for a first-time player. Foobar2000's developer was also a Winamp plugin developer then, IIRC, the Kernel Streaming plugin.

General Ryzen

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Easy, it was replaced with better and more modern software.

VLC Media Player

The list goes on...The only reason to use Winamp anymore is for the Nostalgia factor.


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For Video in addition to audio, nothing beats the versatility and complete control that GOM player offers- nothing!
No visualizer has compared to milk drop for me. And winamp has the only shuffle algorithm that seems to actually work once you get to play lists with more than 100 songs
What a great read! Well-written, nostalgia piece. Of course, the title drew my "not exactly old yet, but definitely an 80s-baby" interest in, and indeed, Winamp is a classic fit for any media-player record book, but I am commenting simply to remark on the writing and the flow of the article. Very well done!

Perhaps I'll add that this article has made Techspot.com my homepage...for a while at least. Appreciated!

Lastly, let's not forget that Winamp was the alternative, better player to Windows Media Player. In my opinion, Winamp is what made Microsoft improve their player. Of course, WMP ultimately was chosen by "audiophiles" and the like by the time it got to Version 11, but I believe that it was the likes of Winamp which pushed Microsoft to clean up WMP9+

Shout out to the creators of Winamp and the writer of this article.

Cheers, all-around!