What is a 8-channel High Definition Audio?

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Nov 13, 2005
  1. sorry if this sounds stuiped but what is a 8-channel High Definition Audio?? I have brought a pc with an intrigated 8-channel High Definition Audio soudncard on the mother board but i dunno if i will be able to add some 5.1 Speakers to the pc? Anyway thanks for any help you can give - Adam :)
  2. DonNagual

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    8-channel refers to how many different.... channels... your sound chip can split sound into. Your motherboard allows you to have 8 speakers set up, and each one will function on a separate channel, which means making their own sound appropriate to the music/game/sound effect etc.

    Your motherboard also comes with software for controlling the sound chip. In this software you can configure it to work with varios setups, including 5.1 speakers. Just mess around with your settings, and you'll find it in there somewhere.

    If you can't find it, tell us what your motherboard is, and someone can help you make the adjustments.
  3. nosgothhunter

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    hey :)
    thanks VERY much :) put my mind at ease :) thank you :)
    P.s the speakers i just rbought said they work best with sound blaster soundcards... but the speakers are ade by the same people who make sound blaster sound cards. So are they just saying that to get you to buy there products?? :) thanks again :)
  4. DonNagual

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    Well, of course sound blaster is going to plug their own product. :)

    At the same time, the do make some FINE sound cards.

    But your integrated sound should be enough by the sounds of it. One of the good thing about adding sound cards is that it frees up your CPU to do other things. For example, if you are gaming and you have integrated sound, then part of your CPU resources are being used for sound. With a sound card plugged in, your CPU is freed up a bit to do other things.

    But for my needs and current system, I am fine with integrated sound. Depending on your needs and system specs, you'll probably be quite happy with what you have.
  5. nosgothhunter

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    Hi :)
    lol thats what i thought was just a bit worried :)

    I didnt know that about the CPU being taken up with intrigated soundcard :( lol another bit of information for me thanks :D I'm learning slowly lol

    I am planning to buy an extra soundcard (at a later date) does it matter about the price? I mean there is a soundcard in my local shop for £50 / $90 which is a sound blaster 5.1 but then again theres sound blasters which are $300 :/ I just want the speakers to sound like things are coming from diffrent directions during games and above avrage sound for movies :) So i may go for the $90 ones :) any thoughts??
  6. spartanslayer

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    Most are the same.

    If you are talking about the Sound Blaster Cards, most actually have the same general properties. The cheap cards will do exactly the same things as the expensive ones, EXCEPT they will not sound quite as good. Keep in mind this is only with certain companys. I assume you are talking about Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS. It is one of the best cards for the value. There are around 4 variations of this card, and all have 7.1 surround sound and the same features. But the more pricy ones sound alot better. The $100 cards sound awefully good though, so only audio enthusiasts will be able to tell the difference. For gaming, the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS in this model is a good choice.


    This is a better card, and is designed for Gamers.


    Hope this helps.
  7. nosgothhunter

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    ooo ok thanks they look pretty good :)
    is this the same? found it on E-Bay for a great price new (i am from the UK so ignore the ££ signs :) ) Ah well i think i may just leave it for a bit :) the 8 channle should be ok for now :)

    I do like my sound but i dont care if there is hardly any diffrence :) thanks for your help btw :)
  8. IanDSamson

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    Dear Tech Experts, audio novice here. I have been using Adobe Audition for about 6 years now I have a new Gigabyte PC with this so-called HD Audio onboard. I have a 5.1 audio system and the plugs are all correctly placed. However when recording analog LPs and playing back the result, I can hear only in left and right speakers w/sub-woofer (bass), but I cannot hear through left-rear or right-rear or center. Nothing on the CMOS allows a change except Azalia enabled or disabled. The m/b is a GA-EP43-DS3L, Vista 64, 8GB RAM, what else do you need to know? I am really battling to get the other speakers to work. Are they perhaps misfunctioning? The audio system is a Logitech 5.1.
    Thank you.
    Ian Samson
    Johannesburg, ZA
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