What is your favorite PC game?


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I have a few games that I like and I want to know what you guys like so I can check them out? The more games I know the more games I can play. Please give me some feedback on this and let me know what you like! ^-^


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I don't really have an overall favorite. I'll just say strategy games are what i like best; Age of Empires Gold, Age of Empires 2, Command and Conquer games...ect.


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It's been a very long time since last I gamed on a PC, but for the close to two decades that I did it, out of all the games that I've ever played, this one is my all time favorite...


Everything else for me failed in comparison. I was like a crack addict when it came to COD 4! Heck one of my previous computer systems, nick named the Beast, was solely built around the system requirements for COD 4, granted I went way over the requirements, way over!


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What genre of PC games really you like? I'm into fantasy and RPG. I also play God of War 2 (PS2 Emulation)


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I mostly like fantasy, RPG, adventure, romance, and puzzle. M y favorite game is Final Fantasy 9 and 12 if your talking about other systems to. The only systems I have are Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Super Nintendo, Gamecube, PSP, Gameboy Color, and DS. I don't have the new systems because I can't afford it sadly but that's okay since I also love the oldies alot. (>'-')> hehe


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I would say mine is Team Fortress 2 at the moment. Although, just starting to play Left 4 Dead 2 on my 360... I think I may have found a new game to try out on my pc.


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Two of my favourite games of all time are NFS Underground 2, and then Return to Krondor, an ancient game that I doubt you can get these days. It's a fantasy turn-based RPG that occurs in the world created by Raymond E. Feist, and your main character is Jimmy the Hand, a character that comes straight from his books, though aged a bit.


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A great PC game comes to mind: Hidden and Dangerous 2. The amount of fun I had finishing it was unreal. Old army style was amazing.

I scratched one of the discs in the end and couldn't use it :(


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My favorite Pc game when I was young is Red alert I like to play strategy games but eventually I don't have any chance to win to other players. :grinthumb