Web What is your web browser of choice?


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Firefox for my Windows desktop - I love the flexibility of customisation
Mercury for iPad
Chrome for Android phone


IE 11. I like pinning websites to my taskbar. If a website doesn't work then I open Firefox. I just don't trust Google enough to use Chrome. Always think they are spying my every move.


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On my laptop, when using Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer 11
On my laptop now, using Windows 10 TP: Internet Explorer 11/Spartan engine

On desktop:
• IE11 when I just want the fastest possible browser. It just appears the fastest to me. I also love the sync of tabs/password/favorites with my Windows Phone.
• Opera v28, because the Speed Dial is just too awesome
• Firefox 36 currently in use, because it isn't the most horrible mainstream browser in existence anymore. They introduced rendering on another thread in Firefox 34, so it finally doesn't freeze when you use more than 2 threads. It's also pretty fast and I love the sync.


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Primarily I use Firefox / Waterfox for both Work and Home. But occasionally I use IE for work, if something does not work right with Firefox.


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Primarily Firefox, secondary browser in my daily use is IE.

Lately I've been fiddling around with Vivaldi, and so far it looks promising, must note though it is still in development.


Firefox is the main browser and Opera 12.x for backup, but I may switch Opera to Vivaldi in the future, depending on how it evolves.


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Firefox at home, work & on mobile, I've been using it since version 0.6, when it was still called Firebird.

Tried Chrome, but I like NoScript too much :)


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Chrome on Windows (32-bit version only), Mac, Android, and iOS. Chromium on linux.


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I've used Pale Moon 64 bit for a long time, and it may not be, but it just feels faster than Firefox, or Chrome for that matter. I don't care for Chrome at all, maybe I'm just used to Pale Moon. I think I'll give a try to some of the ones I seen listed here, some of which I hadn't heard of.
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I have been using Firefox for about 5 years continuously and from experience and actual usage I can say that it is currently the best browser in terms of speed and rendering. Chrome because of bloat has lost the plot and also I am not at all interested in letting Google track me for ads. Also though it has not been mentioned above I think that the Hello feature for video conversation make Firefox even more desirable not to mention of its many other briliant addons and extensions.


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Chrome and occasionally Firefox. The problem I have with using Firefox all the time is that web page colors aren't always presented accurately.

Jad Chaar

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Safari 8. I was a hardcore Chrome user since v.1 but recently switched because I wanted a fresh look (Chrome hasn't changed much aesthetically since v.6) and better integration with my iPhone. Safari is perfect since my browsing history and such syncs flawlessly between my iOS and OS X devices. Yeah, Chrome can do that also but Chrome sucks on iOS IMO.


All computer geeks use Firefox for the massive amount of compatibility, customizability, and control; myself included. I also have every other mainstream browser installed to test sites during development.

If you're going to use Chrome as your main browser, may I suggest that you at least switch to Chromium? That's Chrome without Google spyware: Chromium.