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"On mobile..."

Afaik even the chrome beta for Android has yet to introduce the feature even though I've heard about it. If you know how to forcibly install extensions on Chrome for Android, I'd love to know; otherwise I believe it's not currently possible, aside from not supported.
My Bad, I definitely didn't read the "on mobile" bit :D
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My Bad, I definitely didn't read the "on mobile" bit :D
You did get my hopes up for a moment lol

That's the downside of it on Android atm though. If I want to use Adblock, I have to install an application they made for Android and set up a basic proxy so traffic runs through the application. The few times I did it, speed suffers, and video playback usually doesn't work (at least HTML5).


I tried most of them at one time or another. Gone back and forth, depending on whom I saw jumping the shark in any particular period. Started with Mosaic, then Netscape. Used IE when it first came out and each new link would open a new window. Then I discovered Opera, which had wonderful tabs. I used that from v2.12 up until they went Chromium a few years ago. Being leery of Google's world-domination schemes, I went with SRWare Iron for a couple of years, but also used Firefox because of its better selection of indispensable add-ons. That led me to Pale Moon, which is a conservative, scaled-down FF, available as 64-bit and better maintained than Waterfox or Cyberfox. That's my main browser now, as long as it will take the plugins I want. - Also tried the Comodo stuff - Dragon, IceDragon... pretty slick, but I don't trust Comodo either. Torch is for teenagers. Avant, Maxon, SlimJet/Boat, etc. - these are Chinese browsers with all sorts of functions, and not bad, but for me it's mostly about effective plugins these days. One I can't do without is Self-Destructing Cookies, which only works with FF and derivatives. This is the way cookies should be handled by any browser, by default.


I like to use a lot of different browsers and I do all the time if only for the variety.
Some of these are and in no particular order... Slim Browser, Google Chrome.
Chromium, Opera, Firefox, Maxthon, Internet Explorer, Safari with Windows,
Midori with Linux. I have a few computers so I have all of these installed somewhere.
And I'm open to try others. I also like to use a lot of different search engines just to change it up
... have you heard of the duckduckgo search engine. Google it?

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64bit version of Firefox called Waterfox, https://www.waterfoxproject.org/, built for speed without all the stuff you don't need, then there's Cyberfox, https://8pecxstudios.com/cyberfox-web-browser, further tweaked for graphics cards either Intel or AMD in both 32bit & 64bit, way better than IE
(hell IE is being dropped by Micro$oft in there new OS Win 10) or the other stuff out there, Opera is now yesterdays news. Comodo Dragon, not bad either, then there's Avant, http://www.avantbrowser.com/ for the really adventurous
Good luck to everyone, Safe Surfing!
both links are broken.


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In order to get away from the evil doings of late at Firefox, I am using Pale Moon 25.4.1 (32-bit), a fork from Firefox 28 or so (Firefox is now up to 37). I have also installed Pale Moon (64-bit), but that doesn't work with some of the Firefox extensions I use. Pale Moon leaves out some of the least-used code in Firefox to speed it up, and P/M ships with DuckDuckGo instead of Google for privacy reasons.


I'm voting for Polarity and Chrome. The former mainly for lower RAM and CPU consumption and it works great.


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I use IE , people like to bash it but I've never had any trouble with it so why change. I know a lot of people who switched to FF a long time ago moaning about security on IE ( as a home user) even though IE became far safer than FF at various points .


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Maxthon on our tablets, phones and laptops. Tried all the usual suspects but Maxthon is more robust and feature laden; fast too.


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Chrome and more chrome.. Its the most user friendly browser of all time. The internet explorer is the least amongst the four of them.


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I use Firefox for watching NHL gamecenter Live streams and for hockey pools since chrome doesn't sort the hockey pools properly.

I use IE for watching Netflix as it has the best picture quality. For some reason the others still use silverlight.
(Boy, I did not know Chrome was so bad for streaming that explains a lot! I used to like Chrome. one of the other browsers carrys BING! And you can't get rid of Bing, to use that browser.. I tried that,one time. Also, Chrome will soon not support Java, which we Oekaki sites(Japanese made software for art, which is very popular all over the web) users need, so I will need to use several different browsers on my one computer. CAN you really do that? I used Firefox for years, very good, then I just tried out Chrome and kept using it, it was ok.But, that not-supporting-Java is a big problem. I could put up with several browsers at one time, but I'm not getting rid of google search, and I will NOT ACCEPT BING. UGH!