What kind of case and thermal paste should I get?

By Gourry32 · 31 replies
Feb 22, 2018
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  1. I'd like to see a shot or 2 of your set up and how you have it rigged.
  2. maikal

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    Sure, let me see what I can do tonight before I start gaming!
  3. maikal

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    OR they prefer not having a huge towering CPU cooler sticking up from their mobo, or a huge towering cpu cooler does not fit into a case they have on hand or just bought, not realizing how big the heat-sink towers stick out! I don't brag because there really is no point to that. I mentioned it here because its just another available option! There are plenty of builder web pages or purchasing sites (newegg for example) where people ask "will the (heat-sink name here) fit into that case?" But I recognize that everyone has an opinion on everything and anything!
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  4. RaXoR

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    These are moot points simply because most coolers are not that big and even then there are different size air coolers that one can purchase. As for the cooler not fitting in a case, the same can be said about AIOs. The only way a normal sized air cooler will not fit is if a small form factor is being used and in that case there is very little chance that an AIO will fit. Even if a 1 fan 120mm rad is used. You're looking to save as much space as possible and the best way would be to go with a low profile air cooler.
  5. maikal

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  6. maikal

    maikal TS Rookie Posts: 32

    Tried loading pics. It keeps giving me an error.
  7. neowing

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    Gourry32, what happened your CPU now ?
    Did you solved the problem ?

    If not,
    I want you to download,
    Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool

    This tool only work to Intel CPU.

    It check the condition of CPU.
    If it say "PASS", No problem.
    If it say "Fail", it will show the reason.

    But I haven't try to use this software.
    It is just another test.

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