What to do if your external hard drive does not show in my computer


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Those capable of using it correctly, know where to find it.
indeed, and I still use Disk Management (from XP). But, windows 7 translates this to "Oh sorry, did you mean Create and format hard disk partitions?" Yes windows, I wanted F***ing Disk Management, and the window is still called that! So why change it? Microsoft continues to confuse its users further with each upgrade.
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I am having lenivo 1tb hard drive and it is 1 year old . Today When I plugged in to my laptop (sony vaio windows 8)
Firstly it doesn't appear on my computer then I found hidden drive so I tryed to open it bt the message was "inseart your disk"
Then I tryed on disk management and change lable by letter V bt didnt work and over there it sohws no media
And I also tryed on other pc too bt it is not working
And it doesn't allow to format the drive
Soo plzz help me .......

I have a WD external drive (1T) and just last week I had problems with it working slow until last Tuesday (Sept. 19) it does not show in "my computer / this pc." It showed the USB icon on the taskbar. I did troubleshoot and opened Device Manager and it said the device is working properly. I opened Disk Management and it's not in there.

I hope someone could help me... I have a lot of important files I badly need.

Thank you all in advance!
Many thanks you are simply genus am spend more than three months cant use my external hard disk and searching more and no one tell me this simple idea


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Take your external drive out, if its 3.5 drive with sata connector, hook it up to your desktop, check it in bios to make sure it comes up.
If so put the drive back inside the enclosure, next check your usb wires, make sure there is no slent or cuts on the cable.
If so that is part of the problem with it not showing up in windows, if the cable is fine, plug it up and boot into windows.
Pull up the device manager and check the usb connections, it should appear under a certain name,
If it does not check and see if windows may have a exclamation by it and says unknown usb device.
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I thought I would post some location pictures---
My external drive shows up here---

Here too---

Here too---

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