What to do regarding laptop crashing...

By darkenspiritz
Mar 2, 2007
  1. First of, I'd like to thank the people who looked into my other thread about another crash. Since it hasn't occurred again, I'll just assume it was something random.

    In any case... here is my situation.

    My laptop crashed 10 times back in January. After it had crashed the 10th time, I only started it up twice since then to retrieve some files and shut it down afterwards. I've only now decided to finally figure out what is wrong with it. Seeing the BSoD scares me a lot and partially prevented me from wanting to try something sooner.

    The bugchecks that were reported varied from 0A, 24, and 8E... maybe others as well...

    From other threads, I have learned (I hope I did) to use the debugging tools for windows and, thus, have the debug logs for all the crashes.

    However, I do not know what I should do from here. I'm guessing that since the crashes seem to caused by the same files, that the files are all related somehow, but I don't know.

    Please help and give me suggestions on what I should do.

    Attached or will be attached are logs. 1 is the earliest, 10 is the latest. Apparently my laptop had also crashed back in May of 2005, but that probably isn't important to this situation. Minidumps are available upon request.
  2. darkenspiritz

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    here is the second half
  3. IBN

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    Can you post your system specs?

    I would just format and reinstall Windows. We all need a fresh start from time to time!
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