When installing Yahoo Messenger It tells me that im not admin...

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Im new here so if i messed up on anything, plz tell me so i can try not to do it again :D ty
OK right to business... When i try to install yahoo messenger it tells me that i dont have admin. rights... but i do! i can acess (my spellings horrible) every thing, and i have looked at threads similar to this but nothing helps... but it only happens with Yahoo... but i cant play one game on my computer which is qRO (quebec Ragnarok Online) inwhich i start it and it makes u set it up and i do and i press ok and it closes and comes right back up... needless to say i havent played qRO in a VERY long time... i posted my problem with my game in the game forum and one person said it might be because i dont have admin. rights. And thats whats wrong with my computer...

ty for taking the time to read this and i hope its nots sumthing obvious(so i dont look like an *****) ty again and good bye


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Since you did not mention which OS that you are using, I am assuming that you are running Win XP Pro.

Being able to access everything doesn't necessarily means that you have administrative permission. Maybe you should just logon as the local administrator and install these software and then log back on as your normal self.

In addition, while you are logon as the local administrator, you can also give the local admin permission to your local account by following the procedure below:

1) Right click on "My Computer" icon on your desktop
2) Select "Manage" from the popup menu to launch "Computer Management"
3) Click on "+" next to the "Local Users and Groups" to expand it
4) Next click on "Groups"
5) Double-click on "Administrators" from the Right Panel
6) Click on "Add" button
7) Type in your local username and click "OK" a few times until you return back to "Computer Management"

That's all.

Hope that helps.

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