I was banned for no reason. How to solve it?

I found out that my IP address was somehow banned. When I open certain sites, it tells me that im banned and marked as a spammer. I use email only once in a while and I almost never send emails. I also didnt spam any messages on these sites. I didnt even recive any massage that ive been banned. I know for sure it is IP ban. I tried to connect on other devices on these sites, but it tells me the same. When I connect from another location, I have access there.

When I checked if my IP address is on some blacklist, I saw on the list that im in blacklist of dnsbl.spfbl.net. It is a network looking for spammers and send their emails into spam folder a block them from recieveing emails. I dont have problems with recieving or sending emails though. If im not banned because of spamming emails, why some websites tell me that im banned and marked as a spammer and im
in their blacklist?

I alredy tried to contact them. I asked why am I banned, but they answered me that they cant help me, because the support is ony for email server administrators. I also contacted some webmaster on that site. Its more than a week, but I didnt get answer. I didnt find any informations about my ban or how long it will last. I dont know what else to try.


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I'd suggest you do a full malware scan on your computer. There is always the possibility that your PC is actually infected and generating spam.


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Switch your connection from static to dynamic IP address. Unplug overnight. This will force your ISP to issue a new IP address. Works for Sonic.net. Or use a proxy or VPN.