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Jun 16, 2006
  1. I’m doing a school project with a couple of other 6th formers, its a kind of 'challenge week' that our schools running, and were running a modding shop were we basically take an older PC and try and do it up as much as possible so its of some use today, on a very limited budget (approx. £100). I need to find (preferably) 2 512mb DDR2100 sticks of ram and the budget is too small to purchase them from a shop when other expenses are taken into account so I was wondering if anyone has any idea's on where to get older parts (already raided our I.C.T stock cupboard, they gave us a 17 inch CRT which is quite nice of them :D ). Plus ideally (but not necessary) we could do with a faster Athlon XP than we've currently got, at the mo its running a 1600, we are going to try to run Battlefield 2 on this, after all it is a challenge week, so need to get the 'best' old parts available at our budget level. Of course if anyone has any older parts they don’t need then that would be greatly appreciated, but generally any advice would be great, just kind of wondering whether there’s a dedicated 'old parts' shop online or something I’ve never come across. Finally, if anyone has any idea what the minimum graphics card (AGP) would be to run Battlefield 2 then that would be useful, I know there’s the minimum specs but they often underestimate dramatically from what I've seen.​

  2. swker98

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    not shore where you can shop over in europ, i heard www.newegg.com is shippig their soon you can look there for some ram and an agp card ( i recomend you get atleast a ati 9600xt or nvivda 6600 in agp in order to play battlefield 2 without lag.) Your prossor is kind of aging (BF2 requires a 1.8ghz or xp1800+ or better but i got away with runig it on my P4 1.6)

    good luck and have fun
  3. Tedster

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    Plenty of computer salvage stores around....

    or try ebay....

    or riskier ... flea markets.
  4. nork

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    Ebay is a ripoff compared to the fact that there are many many forums like this one that have for sale\trade sections. There you can get all the parts you want, cheap.
    The only thing is that you have to find British forums. I dont know any but there must be a ton of them. Go to anandtech.com or tech-imo, places like that.
    If you dont get answers please pm me and i will help you out.
  5. Tedster

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    the only thing with such forums as there is no type of protection against fraud. At least with ebay you can use a credit card and charge back when paypal tries to fraud you also.

    I've bought plenty of cheap stuff on ebay. In fact, I just bought a copy of partition magic for $35 USD including shipping.
    It retails for more than $60 in stores.
  6. nork

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    Oh yes there is, the protection is credit reports, they are at heatware.com and there is also another one for the traders at anandtech as well. I have over 150 trades there, total of about 340 trades. So there is info on each trader. All you have to do is only deal with traders with good refs!

    Also, one can use things like paypal and such that give you additional security. Paypal can and will reverse payments from these forums, i have seen it done.
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