Which games have you played through more than once?


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Noticing how kids play video games in this era, where they have access to many times more games than someone growing in the 90s, 80s, etc. I feel that they would have enjoyed games even more if they had a limited amount of games. I brought a game for my cousin's kid, he was excited, and then he lost interest within the first minute because he lost a round, and wanted to play a new game. His brother wanted to play Mortal Kombat 9. For weeks he had been telling me, and then he was finally in my house. Played it for like ten minutes, and now on to another game. Back in the SNES era, my cousin would come over with a new game, and the focus becomes on passing the game. There would be no situation where because we were not expert on this new game would we stop from trying to beat the game. Even if the game was a crappy game. And that's so much more enjoyable, all due to not having access to many times more game.

That's why I say that playing and beating a game, just go on to the next one, then the next one, and the next one would feel like such a waste of life. You tentatively beat a noobish way, all to move on to the next one and then just forget about the last one. You don't really get anything from that, develop new subtleties and strategies on how to do things better. If you watch speed runs, you realize that there's a whole different, deep world that's mentally awesome. Much more mentally stimulating in a kind of beneficial way.

Being good at a game and being good at speed running a game are two entirely different things. Speed running is mostly breaking the game and using glitches. The skills you develop are completely different from developing legitimate strategy.

I usually only play games once and almost always at the highest difficulty. I do this because normal or hard is almost always too easy. It's far too easy to predict AI in any game because frankly they all suck at it. Skyrim is a prime example of this. If you shoot someone while in stealth that NPC will always go within 5 feet of where you shot them from, regardless of whether they could possible discern your location or not. You can continue to back up and shoot them without issue or you could just shoot, leave, come back, and repeat. NPCs can only walk on pre-designated areas, which is why you can hop on top of any decent sized rock and you are immortal. Deus Ex Mankind Divided isn't much better. The NPCs will fan out more and on the highest difficulty they will continue to search longer but otherwise it's pretty much the same as Skyrim. The increase in difficulty is artificial through longer search timers.

It's my opinion that spending too much time on any game is a waste of time. The mechanics and systems aren't improving over time. You can pick out any FPS game right now and playing one would improve your performance in the other. The only games you would want to play allot are online games but even those often devolve into battles over things like glitch spots or trivialities of the game's systems, none of which can be universally applied to other games. This is exactly why online games contain progressions systems, to keep players going when the game remains largely the same.


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Mass Effect Trilogy.

Currently on 3rd on the bounce run... Soon to be 4th... Not for challenge. Just for the (wholesale) love of the best of the best. Don't care I know dialogues backwards. Just love it without reservation, such shame that re-master has been shoot down before it even materialized.

And while not playing campaign I'm on ME3 multiplayer - the only on-line I play.


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All Sports Games are of course played several times because they are never repetitive. Role playing games also I guess. For other games, I played Half Life2 more than once, like Mafia 1 and the first 4 Tomb Raiders.


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Here we go (incomplete list from the top of my head):

Far Cry
Mirror's Edge
Dead Space
Max Payne 1+2 (like 4 times each)
Tomb Raider (2013)

Game series that I replay all the prequels of every time I get a new sequel/expansion:

Deus Ex
Half Life
Splinter Cell


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In no particular order:
Dead Space and Dead Space 2
Crysis - 1 and 2
SW-KOTOR 1 and 2
Tomb Raider
TES: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim
Child of Light
Darksiders 1 and 2
Diablo II and III
Disciples III
Fallout 3
Half Life 2 (episodes included)
King's Bounty - Armored Princess
Legacy of Kain (all 3)
Mass Effect (all 3)
Bioshock (all 3)
Mirror's Edge
NFS - 2 SE, Hot Pursuit, Pro Street
Prince of Persia
Sniper Elite (1 and 2)
TDU (1 and 2)
Titan Quest
The Witcher - all 3
Clive Barker's Undying
Clive Barker's Jericho

But mostly Backgammon on my phone...


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Mario 1 2 3 NES Super Mario SNES
Mario cart snes
Mortal Kombat 1 and a few other on other systems
Street Fighter 2
Killer Instinct
Kirbies adventure
Excite Bike
Rock and roll Racing
King of Dragons
Punch out SNES
Super Contra
Zelda: A link to the Past SNES

Duke Nukem 3d
Warcraft 2 3
Starcraft 1 2
Diablo 1 2

Twisted Metal 2 or 1?
Soul Caliber
Tekken 2? 4? playstation 2 ?
World of Warcraft

Mount and Blade Warband

Just like someone else said and a FB post I saw about blockbuster. We used to get stuck with games or movies but that was ok, everyone played or watched whatever we had. Now we all have our own thing to do.


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Day of the Tentacle (DOS)
Curse of Monkey Island (DOS)
Full Throttle (DOS)
Duke Nukem 3D (DOS)
Wolfenstein 3D (DOS)
Prince of Persia (DOS)

And three times completed the full 24 hours of Codemasters Le Mans 24Hours (3dfx accelerated game in windows 98) with full realism settings and real-time race.

That's a quality games list! Anybody who completes DOTT more than once gets my vote! As for completing a full le mans 24 hours that's impressive. I wish somebody would make a WEC game again now. The WEC championship is in rude health and I'd love to drive an Aston, Toyota etc with all the traffic, pit stops, and day night cycle.


That's a quality games list! Anybody who completes DOTT more than once gets my vote! As for completing a full le mans 24 hours that's impressive. I wish somebody would make a WEC game again now. The WEC championship is in rude health and I'd love to drive an Aston, Toyota etc with all the traffic, pit stops, and day night cycle.

We were 2 guys who had nothing better to do at weekends, so we setup at my place with logitech steering wheel and pedals, and changed driver every 90-120 minutes for straight 24 hour race. And yes, to complete 24 hours with day/night/day cycle and changing weather was really good fun. We never actually won the race, I seem to rember our highest position was third, but hey, it's just a game.

As for DOTT, it could be a frustrating game as well as funny. But I have to admit I had some clues to completing by way of a help file (not a walkthrough) from a canadian BBS board.


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Multiplayer games should be excluded really.
There is not many single player game I did more than once.
With the following exception:

The last of us (did it a minimum of 4 times) the game is that good.
Resident Evil 1,2,3,4, code veronica, 5 (6 was crap and didn't even finished it)
Red Dead Redemption
God of war (all of them a minimum of 3 times).
Telltale "the walking dead"
Heavy Rain
Demon Soul
Final fantasy VI (or 3?) The one with Tera, Sabin Edgar Etc.
Final fantasy 9
Final fantasy 7
Xenogear (One of the best RPG ever)
Crono Trigger (a minimum of 5 times)
Breath of Fire 2

I probably forgot quite alot of titles...

The funny part is that I consider myself a PC gamer...
In the last 40 years... too many to list, I would hate to imagine how many times I completed Atari Adventure but it was several times a day for a good period of time. My most recent binge multi-play was about a year or so back when I played through Tales of Xillia three times in just over a month, clocking around 152 hours of play time in total. The majority of the time these days, once is enough... or in some cases, one too many.

Gracelyn Ellis

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I saw a Nintendo Family Computer online and I'm tempted to buy it because I want to play Super Matrio Bros again :) I've spent most of my elementary years in my friend's house playing Super Mario :p