Why did AOL have to screw with Radio Netscape ??!!!!

By macx
Dec 10, 2005
  1. I LIKED Radio Netscape.

    I could open it, click on the type of music I liked,
    and it would PLAY.

    Now AOD has got their dirty fingers in it and I've
    been screwing with it for over 3 hours and STILL
    haven't got one d#$%^& song to play!!!

    I've updated, upgraded, and signed onto more
    crap than I can count, read thru volumes of
    "help" that are no help at all, and I still can only
    get the advertising that brags about how wonderful
    the new AOL radio is. HOGWASH!!!

    When I click on the banner that's supposed to
    lead me to something, it leads me NOWHERE.

    Can anyone direct me to a simple to use online
    radio? PLEASE!?

    Thank you ever so kindly!!
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