Why Does my Sound Slow down

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Mar 16, 2007
  1. Hey if anyone is out there and knows of why my sound on comp after playing games or playing music it will start to randonly sound all slurred and slow down quite scary when i am chilling late at night i have never known this any one give us any info cheers :)
  2. Tedster

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    probably because your processor is too busy doing other stuff and can't handle the level of workload you have put on it.
  3. devil2

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    my sound is slow

    well i wish i could narrow it down to just that mate but it couldnt be i know all i have is a 2 gig P4 but i can be playing just mp3s on there own and it starts playing up going reallly slow however when this happens my processor that tells me about processes is not up so it couldnt really be the processor could it i can be playing games and it is fine doing lots of other stuff and then out of the blue it goes rrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaallllllllllyyyyyy slow could anyone have any idea y this is oh and thanks for the reply there mate :)
  4. HPCE_Larry

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    are you running on integrated sound or do you have a sound card? Are you sure your drivers are up to date?
  5. Bill_Bright

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    Hmmm - I am following this thread because I am in the same boat with D2. I am not hijacking this thread, just adding symptoms because I think this is the beginnings of a common problem. I have seen other similar reports on other forums, none resolved.

    In my case:
    No recent HW or SW (including drivers) changes - outside of security updates.
    3.06GHz P4, 1Gb RDRAM
    WMP10 and 11
    Lots of free disk space
    CPU usage normal
    Affects all sounds from all sources - MP3, WAV, WMA, etc. - including system sounds (Windows Startup, empty trash, new mail, etc., plus the various clicks and dings), streaming Internet radio, and audio CDs

    Slow down is just that - a four minute song will take approximately 4 minutes, 40 seconds to play with sounds slowed to where all pitch is lower (like putting thumb on a record turntable - for those of you who are old enough to know what a turntable is. ;))

    And to make troubleshooting harder - the problem is intermittent - with no apparent trigger bringing it on, or any particular action to make it go away.

    Things I have done to resolve issue:
    Complete malware scan - AdAware, SB S&D, AVG Anti-Spyware scan, ZoneAlarm Pro AS Scan, HJT (and yes, I am qualified to analyze HJT logs), rootkit scan, TrojanHunter scan.

    Moved M-Audio Revolution audio card to new PCI slot

    Updated drivers

    re-installed WMP

    @D2 - if the above does not fit the description of your problem, then I apologize and will immediately back out of this thread, but keep watch.
  6. CCT

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    bonk at Tech Support Guy site said:

    "I assume that both drives are on the same cable (Secondary IDE)

    Go to Device Manager open the small + sign beside IDE controllers double click on the Secondary IDE and then in the new window click on the Advanced Settings and check that the Transfer Mode is DMA if available and Not PIO and that the current mode is DMA."
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