Why does Windows Installer erroneously run?

By rickzipser · 4 replies
Aug 21, 2008
  1. I have a strange one. When I try to run various programs from the desktop, the start menu, or directly from program files, these programs' splash screens come up and then Windows Installer pops up, trying to install Microsoft Office 2003 Pro. When I cancel the install, the installer pops up again. This keeps happening until the main program windows display.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programs, I’ve installed the latest version of Windows Installer, and I’ve cleared all my temp files. Windows Installer is set to run manually.

    I’ve done a deep scan and cleanup of the registry. I've done spyware and virus checks. Nothing changes.

    I'm running Windows XP MCE SP3. I'm not sure when the problem began. Microsoft Office 2003 Pro was installed successully years ago.

    Why does Windows Installer pop up?
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  3. rickzipser

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    No luck

    It didn't work.Why would Installer run when I run another program? Remember,both programs run. I don't think the problem is with office or installer.
    It has to do wiith how a program is invoked by windows. No doubt it's a problem with te registry that the scans are missing. I'd like to know where installer is getting the info to install office. Clearing this info might help fix the problem.

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    It's repair Office
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    I have had this problem occasionally, and it is usually solved by getting the MS Office CD and allowing it to install the files it wants.
    Perhaps some other app, or one of the registry cleaners removes something Office needs.

    I use PC Tools Registry Mechanic, and UniBlue Reg Boost 2. Neither of those apps has caused a problem, but once in a while I get this installer thing.

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