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Why take a knife to a gunfight

By firelance
Sep 15, 2009
  1. mates,

    i have to ask a set of questions the first involves an eye to eye eyeball to eyeball
    comparison between 2 laptops:

    intel c2D 2.13 GHz
    FSB - 1066Mhz
    3GB Ram ddr2
    cache 3mb level 2.
    ATI Radeon 4530 ddr3(not sure of the clock speed) 512mb memory


    amd turion dual core rm 75
    fsb 800Mhz??
    4 gb ddr2 800MHz Ram
    cashe - ?
    ATI Radeon 4650 ddr3 1GB memory

    which of these systems would be the bigger n badder engine taking out the cost factor and future proofing.
    of course 512 gb graphic memory would be enuf for most games? i presume tht 1 gb is overkill?
    will the intel perform better by virtue of its faster fsb,after all tht is the key to faster
    comm between the cpu and ram.

    and i've always wondered why put a ddr3 graphic card with a ddr2 ram,i realise theres gonna be a bottle neck but where exactly does the system start slowing down?

    or is there a bottleneck after all?

    is the dual core on amd comparable to the core 2 duo on intel or the dual core on intel coz the intel c2d is 30 percent faster than the intel dual core i've heard?

    or am i worng abt everythin coz little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    thnx a ton!!
  2. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,482   +44

    the ddr2 ram and ddr3 video ram thing is irrelevant.

    I'd go with the core2d. 1gb of ram on a video card is wasteful unless its a 17" notebook with a really good resolution.

    What are the max ram capacities of these, if you can get 4gb in the intel notebook I'd spend a little to do that, although if you're doing basic task you wont need more than that.
  3. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 926   +31

    i agree with him. ddr2 ram and gddr3 graphics is irrelevant. both does not have to be the same.

    for cpu, i'd stick with intel, but for gpu, im sure 4650 is significantly faster than 4530, plus double the memory, so if you're occasionally gaming, you have to decide between cpu or gpu. otherwise, i'd recommend the intel one.
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