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By windyboyak
Dec 21, 2014
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  1. Hello everybody, I'm having a problem with my wifi-connection, it is limited, can someone please help me :(
    I'm using windows 8.1 Pro and here is the problem:
    note that this only happens with that wifi network and only with my Laptop, my Laptop can connect with the other wifi networks and the other wifi networks can connect with that "Fiber Pagoda" networks
    Here is the ipconfig/all says:
    I've tried all the ways that I found the internet:
    - reset modem
    - set static ip
    - uncheck ipv6 protocol
    - reinstall windows
    - renew ip:
    When I renew ip, it said:
    -reinstall my wifi-driver:
    Here is my driver:
    -update windows
    but none of it can fix the problem :(
    please, please, please help me !!! :(
  2. pmcardle

    pmcardle TS Booster Posts: 117   +22

    Try changing the Wifi security setting in the modem. You should be able to access the setting by typing in your browser address bar. I had an HP laptop that was very particular about the security type. I believe it wouldn't access using WEP but would using WPA2.

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