Wifi broken on RealTek RTL810L

By petedee
Mar 14, 2006
  1. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to fix one of my freinds wifi access on his PC, he's bought a "Get Net" 802.11b card which has the RealTek RTL810L chipset onboard and installed it in a windows box running SP1 (the machine hasn't really being used since it was installed)

    So the drivers from the CD (and the ones I've used from the net) install fine, everything looks ok however the actual card can never find any networks, we've tried it on a couple of them (I think they're both 802.11g networks) and when i try to use to the software it comes up with "windows config mode!" and i am unable to configure anything on it.

    I'm downloading SP2 now since i know the wireless networking is a little better through that than SP1 but I was wondering if there is anything else that you think i could do?

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