Will not dual boot Windows 7 and 8...

  1. Please help me, I'm literally pulling my hair out!!

    I have purchased a Packard Bell imedia S2870 and it came with windows 8 but I really do not like it so I want to get rid of it and install windows 7 but everything I have tried just will not work.

    1st) I tried booting from the windows 7 disk (in order to install 7 over 8) and it would not work because of blocks put in place by windows 8. So I edited the startup bios to allow the boot menu and changed the book order but this still didn't work as the screen freezes at the "Starting Windows" screen.

    2nd) I then tried to dual boot by creating a new partition on the hard drive then running the windows setup and selecting the new partition but this doesn't work either as after the first files are copied and the system reboots, I choose windows setup from the boot menu and it stops at the "Starting windows" screen again. This time the windows icon is moving but it doesn't go any further.

    I have tried several, genuine copies of windows 7 but keep getting the same problems, does anyone know how I can do this??

    All I want to do is delete all the partitions on this computer, make them into one big partition and install windows 7.
  2. cliffordcooley

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    Sounds like you need to contact Packard Bell and tell them you want Windows 7 on your PC.

    Wish I could help, but it has been over 10 years since Packard Bell sold (I don't remember the exact date) in the US. I do know owning Packard Bell in the 90's is what give me a hatred for proprietary devices.
  3. hood6558

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    Try using a utility disc like UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD). Set in BIOS to boot first to the optical disc drive (the "press any key to boot to CD" message should show), when it boots use Parted Magic to delete all partitions, create a new single partition, and format it NTFS. Then reboot the Windows install disc and install normally. The only thing that could stop you from doing this is a locked BIOS or a setting in BIOS (like "OS Install Mode"). You should be able to boot the Windows disc without deleting any partitions, though. Look over ALL your BIOS settings, especially the "Boot" section.

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