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By Bloo Ice
Apr 17, 2005
  1. My new computer is driving me up the walls!!! The other day it was acting up, so I restarted [usually fixes problems, it's Windows, heh heh]. Upon boot, it came to a BSOD, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA 0x00000050 (0x870d0d1e 0x00000000 0xf6a3395c 0x00000000). I restarted into Safe Mode, and did a System Restore, and all was fine. I thought I better do a defrag, spyware scan, and virus scan, just to be safe. It defragged [badly needed], 0 spywares, and 0 virus' found. It worked fine after that. Today I was using it, and AVG just started reporting that anything that was opened was a virus. I'd try to open task manager, and it reported that as even being a virus. I restarted, and it went to the XP loading screen, and then just restarted. It went to the Windows did not load screen, went to loading screen, restarted, and repeated this over and over. I finally came back to the computer to find this happening, and went into safe mode. Tried a system restore, restarted, and the infinate loop started again. I tried several other restore points, and it still does this. I realized that the Auto Restart checkbox became checked, on it's own, so I unchecked it, and it's the same BSOD, the 0x00000050 0x870d0d1e 0x00000000 0xf6a3395c 0x00000000 one. What do I do now?
  2. zephead

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    reformat and tell us what parts the system consists of. did you change out a motherboard or other part without reformatting and reinstalling windows?
  3. Bloo Ice

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    Ok, first off, I came home today, and turned it on, just to see if it would work, and surpriese, it did! I'm thinking maybe the hard drive is going bad.

    AMD Athlon 64 2800+
    GigaByte GA-K8NS
    pqi 512MB DDR 400
    GeForce FX 5500 512MB
    Seagate ST340810A
    550W Real PC Power

    If you want my drives or cards specs, can give them to you, just don't see a need to put them in.

    I have re-formatted and fresh installed XP Pro on this setup several times.

    I use SpeedFan to monitor my system temps, and used to be able to control fan speeds [but not with this mobo]. I checked in the S.M.A.R.T. for my hd, and attached a screenshot of what it said.
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