WiMAX spreads to Richmond, Salt Lake City, and St. Louis

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Clearwire and Sprint have extended their WiMAX wireless broadband Internet to three new markets today. The companies' home and mobile 4G services are now available to around 2.5 million residents in and around Richmond, Salt Lake City, and St. Louis, which adds about 1,400 square miles to the network's coverage. WiMAX is now available in 36 large cities across the US, with deployments expected in over a dozen other urban areas this summer.

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Man I wish any phone network company here in the UK would even get on and get good coverage for 3G! let alone 4G, which hasn't even been thought of yet!


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I am very pleased to say that in my country, Nicaragua, in Central America we've been enjoying wimax since March 15th.

Wow, the pricing is actually the same as here, and here we can enjoy of up to 10Mbps (depending on your location), I live in the suburbs here in Managua, and I enjoy a healthy 3.5Mbps... lol

It gives me the creeps when I remember I paid the same U$ 30 for 250 kbps of 3G internet.

Wimax RULES!
Thanks to YOTA for bringing wimax to this 3rd world country.


Stan4, im glad you can get high speed internet!
i live in the US of A. In California in a small town near the middle of no where. My only options are dial-up via telephone wire, satellite internet (not worth the price) or a broadband usb thing like from cricket or Verizon. i have to pay over $60 for unlimited bandwith with verizon and its not even that fast because of where i live. Cricket is cheaper and also slower! I'm not going to pay alot of money for a mediocre connection. It sucks being a geek out here!!
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