Clearwire and Sprint have extended their WiMAX wireless broadband Internet to three new markets today. The companies' home and mobile 4G services are now available to around 2.5 million residents in and around Richmond, Salt Lake City, and St. Louis, which adds about 1,400 square miles to the network's coverage. WiMAX is now available in 36 large cities across the US, with deployments expected in over a dozen other urban areas this summer.

Pricing for WiMAX starts at $30 a month for home users and $40 a month for mobile users, which have unlimited data. There are two home packages: one offers 1.5Mb/s download and 0.5Mb/s upload for $30, while the other is $40 for 6Mb/s and 1Mb/s. You can add a VoIP service to that for another $15 or $20. Likewise, there are two mobile services priced at $40 and $55. Both have the same 4G speed, but the more expensive plan includes 5GB of nationwide 3G coverage.