Win 10 forced me to update...After update my right click is messed up.


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After updating my win 10 I have this annoying issue with right click.
When I click down right click, It is as if the button is being held down, But im not holding it down physically

This gives issues in doing anything that involves right clicking :(

I usually just make a fresh windows installation when I get annoying issues like this but im on a slow internet right now so id prefer not doing that...

Any ideas?


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Maybe right and left click got swapped?

Try seeinf if you right-click it instead of left does it work as expected?

If so you can swap the left and right button modes back again in the mouse settings.


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You might try reinstalling the relevant drivers including those for the motherboard. Check with the motherboard manufacturer for the latest versions of the drivers. A new driver might have addressed this problem. Maybe, maybe not but it's something to try.


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That's a good possibility as well.
Can also try moving the mouse to a new usb port so it re-initializes.