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By JeepGeek
Nov 28, 2010
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  1. Okay guys heres my problem. I recently aquired a server computer from my dads work (company was closing down they were just giving things away) and i found this computer which is actually very up to date hardware wise. Has an intel XEON, if that means anything and has 2 gigs of ram already with room for more....Well i know it will be faster than the windows 98 gateway i put XP on that im using now lol. SO the only problem is I dont know what the password is to the computer.....any of them. or the usernames. I've tried booting straight from a disc to a fail... the fact that it's a server computer is why you cant boot from a disc....and thats all i really know how to do. So is there any way to bypass the login? if i could get into the computer I could load XP on it and have a nice computer.
  2. JMMD

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    So are you saying you can't boot from an XP install CD? Bering a server class PC has nothing to do with booting from a disc it may just be the way it's configured. If you simply want to get into the OS, get the Ultimate Boot CD and use the password utility to clear the admin password.
  3. JeepGeek

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    sorry not very familiar with alot of computer lingo, what is the ultimate boot cd? and password utility? I only know enough about computers to get me by lol

    And if there is some way to just completely overwrite the old OS and put in XP thats what my plan is anyways so that would be great. Because I've tried to boot up directly from an XP cd and it wont work

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