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Win 7 & CoD 1 - Anyone succeed?

By Ghosty Dog
Sep 15, 2011
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  1. I've installed the original CoD on my 64bit Win 7 emachine laptop - AMD dual core 2.1ghz, ATI Radeon Hd 5470 1gb, 2gb ram.

    I can get the game to load & run in safe mode. First person textures show, sound and most other textures missing.

    When I try to start a new game in normal mode, the status bar shows it load to nearly the end, then I get the error 'Two sound files are missing, or in bad format'.

    I searched that error on the CoD site questions/knowledge base. Tried x3 their suggested copy 'main' folder from disc to CoD installed folder. Win 7 didn't like doing that, and stopped copying the .pak files from the disc after 10 mins.

    I've tried numerous compatibility modes, including as admin & the suggested XP SP2 mode. On starting, those modes throw up the error ' can't find default.cfg, make sure you're executing from the correct folder'.

    I'm wondering if anyone has succeeded in getting CoD1 to install and run properly on Win7, and if they can pass on their tips to how they did it?

    Any thoughts or help much appreciated.

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