Win XP boots, no programs respond

By SultanGris
Feb 18, 2007
  1. Hi, windows xp will boot, but when i try to open firefox, it doesnt open, but every time i click it, it puts another instance in the task manager. None of my other programs will open either, with the exception of ventrillo. I can rightclick start and go to explore, and it seems to work, however it just shows folder pictures of my hard drives, instead of hard drive picture. It was working perfectly fine yesterday, and i didnt do anything diferent,but when i started it up today this problem happend.

    I went to safe mode, and it asked me if i wanted to load the following driver, a347bus.sys and i didnt load it, it booted to safe mode fine. I should aslo point out ive used safe mode many times, and this was the first time i can remember that it ever asked me to press esc to not load something, so i went in, found the file in windows/system32/drivers and i moved the file, rebooted, and it seems to be working fine now, so far. i googled the filename, and it didnt find much, except that it might possibly be related to alcohol 120 burning software, which i have, and havnt used for a long time, so i dont see how it couldve randomly just caused the problem, but it did state it could be a trojan or whatever also, but simply moving the file out of the directory seems to have it working again normaly now, my virus scan, AVG free found nothing, so im not sure what to do at this point, as its working, but it has me scared that it just randomly caused a problem when i havent even used alcohol 120 in months, any thoughts or ideas of what to do next would be greatly apreciated, thanks.
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    Ok, apparently it wasnt that file, it appears to be related to putting a dvd movie in my dvd drive, anyone else ever have that happen?
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