Win XP extremely slow on SATA, SCSI / RAID controller disappeared

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Hi all,

I have a Dell Dimension 8300 with a WD 200G SATA drive and I'm trying to format and install a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro SP2. I have made an image of the partition C: with Norton Ghost 8.0 before I went on with the formatting.

Problem: After the installation of Win XP, it is extremely slow. As I scroll through the screen (especially when using IE), I could see the screen try to refresh from the bottom to top).

I've installed the Intel Chipset Utility and the Display driver (nVidia 66.93) but it's no help. Before as I was installing Windows, I performed the F6 procedure and installed the Promise SATA Controller from Dell for my Dimension 8300. but it still not working.

After that, I followed the instruction from the Dell's website and tried to manually update the SATA Controller in Windows by going to Device Manager --> SCSI and RAID controller, except there was NO SCSI and RAID controller listed in there!

So I decided to load the original C: partition from the Ghost image to see what's there for the SCSI and RAID controller, it's merely using the A347SCSI SCSI Controller from Microsoft and it does not have the slowdown problem at all.

There must be something that I've missed when installing Windows. Why wouldn't it see the SCSI and RAID controller in Device Manager? I've tried to reinstalled Windows a few more times with and without doing the F6 procedure but I've failed to solve the slow down problem... could someone please help me out? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

p.s. I have downloaded the Intel Chipset Identification Utility and it identified the chipset to be Intel 875 chipset family / 82875P / 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R), SATA and PATA enabled. I have also downloaded and installed their Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility (, but the result is the same. :(
Hi, I have not ask Dell about because this is my friend's computer and he does not have warranty to go with this.
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