Window Media Player PROBLEMS PLZ HELP!!!!!!

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Mar 10, 2006
  1. hey, a few days ago, while listening to some music, the sound just stopped. at first i thought it was just the song, so i tried to play other ones, but i still couldn't here anything. then i thought it must have been my speakers, however i turned on other applications that used sound and they worked perfectly. so it must be the media player. i've tried re-installing it and going through all the options to c if theres anything i can change, but i can't find anything. can u guys plz help me!!

    Comp stats: Windows Xp Pro Service pack 2
    2.4 Ghz Celeron
    376mb Ram
    40gb Hardrive
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  3. da_head

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    already checked der but found nothing useful. da problem is i didn't get an error message. the sound just doesn't work.
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    in my advice , windows media player is the suck and there really is no point in fixing it, here is a link the awesomest player ever invented, it easily plays any media as long as you install the codecs, which shouldnt be too hard cuz there are manuals on the site
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    i do not deny that window media player sux, cuz i have different ones as well. however, the problem is that some websites has a default of windows media player and i don't no how to open it with any other program. can u guys tell me how to disable windows media player as the default? thank you
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    Thats easy !

    When you install your new player it may ask you after teh install which types of files yoou want it to own. If it doesn't just go to "preferences" and set the files you want it to play from there! I have WMP 10 and I click OPTIONS then the FILE TYPE tab and select the file associations in the tic boxes.

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