Windows 2000 Blue screen at boot

By Radster
Jan 22, 2006
  1. I've now run Memory86Test and Hard Drive Diagnostics without any faults found thus far. I am doing an "Exerciser" test on the hard drive. I'm puzzled by all this too, since I also have a second identical EVO laptop which I swapped over this hardrive into and I get the same response from it in that laptop. I'm leaning toward some part of the boot sector being damaged or a cluster on the hardisk being bad. Can a sector be skipped if it is bad? Not sure what to do now. Any advise? Please!

    My computer had been running slow ( It is a 610 Compaq EVO laptop) and I had been getting memory dump occurences all along here. I tried cleaning up my PC doing defrag and using Adaware, etc. prior to my final dilemma. I had been in safe mode doing some of this cleaning up and now I have this problem after rebooting.

    When I boot now regular or safe mode, it brings up a new blue screen right after the Windows 2000 screen. The message is
    "*** Stop: 0x00000050 (0xE8565B98, 0x00000001,
    *** Address BFF3DD3C base at BFED3000, DateStamp 3ebc05a5 - Ntsf.sys"

    I cannot seem to get this message even with the Win2000 Installation CD. I cannot get the repair option to appear either while booting off the Win2000 CD.

    Please Help!!! :eek:
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