Windows 7 Windows 7 error 'this is not a genuine copy of Windows 7'


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Windows 7 comes on DVD not CD. Every PC purchase as license code on the rear of the PC for that PC if you have a name brand. If you have other homemade PC then it won't this code label on it. Suppose to have with each License copy of 7 and up should have been attached to it. Data on your bad HDD can be saved buy getting SATA/PATA/USB/IDE adapter kit for your HDD. Thus turning the HDD into removable HDD. Outside the PC I mean. I use to method to get data off bad HDD for recovery.
Hi All
Having same problem with windows not genuine, ive had the computer nearly 4yrs brought from John Lewis, didnt come with 'cd' sticker on bottom as worn out.
#55 Monton you say deleting KB971003......... I havent got that listed I do have KB971033... (what the poster with the problem also had) is this the same one???
mine was updated with that one in May 2010 !!! shall I delete & reboot ??? thought ild ask 1st just in case

PS Im in England
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No they are not the same updates. No I would not delete it. Have you check your os for malware or a virus. Which could be causing your problem.


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I must confess that I haven't read this over long thread. Adding to this series of posts isn't great either. Perhaps it's gone off topic a few times. However, I've seen this message about an invalid copy of Windows from time to time and all my installations are genuine. There's a Microsoft Validation tool that I've downloaded in the past which sorted the issue in a few minutes.
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Hi, I am getting this error in the bottom right hand corner ov my screen.... now I have done some searching a read some other peoples similar posts but they dont seem to say how there computers performance has dropped. My computer is so slow now everything takes 5 mins after clicking to load.

It also is a full genuine windows 7 as I bought the computer in PC world. Could someone point me in the right direction to fix. instead ov having to bring it to the shop to get fixed.?
I solved this problem by running windows in safe mode, accessing System Restore from safe mode and running System Restore.