Windows 7 slows down after 15-20 minutes no matter if I use it or not

My windows 7 (ultimate) pc gets slow after 20 minutes, no matter if I use it or not.
When I had windows 10, this issue didn't exist so I don't think it's a hardware issue.
By slows down I mean, opening a program takes over 5-10mins and Websites dont open and games freeze
Temps= 40-50°c before and after the slow down.
(Measured by Core Temp)

Please help me solve this issue.

Pc specs:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
GPU: integrated G41 intel graphics
Any more info needed?


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32 bit Windows will only recognize 4Gb ram so that could be relevant. 64 bit Windows doesn't have that limitation. The processor indicates a pretty old system. If all was well with W10 try reinstalling that.


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What does the task manager show?
Is the CPU maxed out?
Disk drive maxed out?

Anything interesting in the event viewer?

Is it defragging? Is it indexing? etc. etc.

I can't think of anything else right off the bat but those are places I would start.

confirming if you have 32bit or 64 bit windows installed is also a good idea.
Trouble is that switching from 32bit to 64bit will mean you have to completely reinstall windows but considering the weird issue, that might be a good thing!


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@SomeRandom The first thing you need to do is run "WEI" (Windows Experience Index), on the machine after it slows down.

2nd, you need to post whether the system is 32 or 64 bit. Keep in mind the HDD might be failing, and the G41 graphics chews up system RAM like crazy.

Please run WEI, and post the scores > Control Panel > System > WEI is at the top of the system description. You should be able to figure it out from there.

Please go to this thread: And read my posts and their responses from #27 on (page 2)

PS, I had a older HDD that wouldn't even launch programs in a new system I built. Put in an SSD, and poof, the problem vanished.
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