Windows 7 will ship without IE in the EU

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Jun 11, 2009
  1. windmill007

    windmill007 TS Rookie Posts: 308

    ^^LOL IE is if all the others. Lets see next it will be media player....VLC should be an option....humm what else...give me a break.
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Microsoft could have avoided these bundling lawsuits simply by letting users choose what to install like they did in Win95/98/Me.
  3. JDoors

    JDoors TS Rookie Posts: 62

    Taking something away equals more choice? Good job EU, keep up the good work. I wish MS had the guts to say, "You know what? We're a business. You're anti-business. We'll be taking our business elsewhere. Oh, and we just can't wait for the release of your government designed and approved OS. We could use a good laugh around here. Hugs and kisses, Microsoft."
  4. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    The EU could take this so incredibly far... How about removing Windows Media Player? How about removing the built-in CD burning capability? Why not remove the firewall? How about Defender? What about the calculator?

    I mean, come on. I don't really like IE, but IE doesn't need to be completely removed. As long as their is an attempt to show alternative browsers exist, that's as far as this needs to go. Maybe the first time you start up Internet Explorer, IE could show you Firefox, Opera, Safari and other choices along with the usual choices of configuring your IE8 settings.

    Honestly, if I were Microsoft, I'd say eff it and stop shipping Windows to Europe all together. It wouldn't be a smart business move, but it would make me feel awfully good. That's probably why I'm not a CEO, though. :)
  5. This is just more extortion by the EU bureaucracy on US businesses. Lets start the trade war by fining EU companies in return. Users are free to choose a different browser if they wish.
  6. Rick (and others) maybe you should learn more about UE decision... So, try to understand that :

    Microsoft (and not UE) want remove IE frome Windows 7. So stop cry about UE, and go wine about Microsoft.
  7. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    AH HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Ya MS wants to remove it. Before they get fined a few more hundreds of millions of dollars. I personally never cry about the EU decisions. Never could get emotional about tort for profit businesses and governments. I just think they suck. And now Opera is saying taking IE out of the OS isn't good enough. What do they want? Bill to serve them breakfast for a year? Have you ever tried Opera? What a POS!

    Sorry about the rant and I don't use IE 6, 7, or 8. I just think they have a right to put what they want in their products. Why don't these EU commissioners sue Volvo to stop putting radios in their cars so the consumer can install Blaupunkt or Bang and Olufsen music systems in them after they buy it?
  8. I agree. And if you read a bit more about this decision you will see UE agree too... Well, i suggest you to inform more about this subject.
    First UE have not decided anything yet.
    Second, UE want MS to add other products in their OS like firefox, opera, chrome, etc... And let the user choose at W7 installation.

    Microsoft dont agree and prefer remove IE.

    (When microsoft say that, UE say that was not a good solution...)
  9. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    I read that. The commissioners now are asking if removing it gives the customers less choice instead of more. That's Opera's complaint. They want all the alternative browsers bundled with the system. Or something like that. The whole thing is starting to feel like my third wife. OCD'd with a touch of schizophrenia. They got what now? $1.7 billion from MS. Time to leave them alone and pay attention to suing Intel.
  10. @JDoors

    Alright to start with I'm from the UK now as much as I hate the EU how can you say that you wish Microsoft take Windows out of the Market here (Something typical about this and Yanks), that's punishing the Europeans like myself who.....

    1. Couldn't give a monkeys about what Microsoft does with Windows as long as we can use it and be able to download another Browser, The first thing I've done on the 3 Windows Systems, 2 XP, 1 Vista, I've had apart from Windows Updates is to install Firefox and more recently on my Vista Machine every Major Browser possible just to have a change, more often I use Firefox and Chrome.

    2. Couldn't give a s**t about what the top brass in the EU say, they lack common sense to start with as has been proven in this whole saga, too much power and egos, it should all be left to National Governments as it used to be but alas the UK had to join these bunch of *****s the only thing good about being in the EU is the trading opportunities.

    Anyway it's not our fault that the European Commission is doing all this do you really think the Europeans care what Microsoft packages with their product as long as we can get it (Like everyone else) we're not bothered, they don't voice the opinion of all Europeans you know. The EC is made up of 27 commissioners (1 from each of the 27 EU States), I don't know how it all fully works but I would assume that 14 of those Commissioners would need to vote against Microsoft to get a decision, they are tasked to think "European" but most keep National Interests at heart, maybe you should think how hated the UK and US was in Europe when the Iraq war started, haven't you thought they might just be punishing US companies in some odd way because of that?
    Wouldn't surprise me if they were by the way, someone suggested fining EU companies go ahead the UK doesn't own many of it's companies anymore anyway most are owned by Asian or European Giants unless they are absolutely massive companies like BAE, BA or Barclays to name a few.
    And if it turns to fining between companies in the US and EU then we have gone back nearly 90 years in Business when the same happened then in the form of import taxes on goods from Europe to the US and vice versa, thus making European goods less attractive in the US and again vice versa.

    Maybe you should think about it all before you open your mouth next time and try to research about it and understand what's going on from the European perspective.
  11. JDoors

    JDoors TS Rookie Posts: 62

    Let's drop the "You don't know what you're talking about" arguments. If you don't think someone has thought this through, then make a convincing counter-argument and include any pertinent information.

    As for the "guest" who stated it was Microsoft's decision and had nothing to do with the EU, why on God's green Earth would Microsoft spend ANY time or money to re-engineer their OS to exclude Internet Explorer if it were NOT for the EU? Are they doing this in the U.S.? Asia? ANYWHERE else?

    Is this re-engineering to their benefit in ANY way -- OTHER than to quell EU fishing expeditions?

    It is, in my opinion, simply the nanny-state mindset of the EU in general, that somehow a bunch of bureaucrats know how to run everything and know what's best for everyone, and once they've got their foot in your door NOTHING you can do will get them to leave you alone as they nit-pick (or fine, or tax) you to death.

    (I think that's enough clichés for one post!)
  12. Sorry?

    Where did I say the "You don't know what you're talking about", or what context do you feel my previous reply included that?

    From what you have written before it doesn't look like you've considered the other side of this or thought to investigate the difference between the EU and EC, this is from my point of view, from what you wrote you just thought in your opinion Microsoft could/should pull the OS from Europe but instead of complaining directly about the EC (European Commission) who have done all this, you complained about the EU (European Union) 2 totally different bodies/organisations, which actually seems to have been the overall consensus in these posts about the EU instead of EC which is tarnishing us all with the same brush compared to the executive *****s what we call the EC.
    The EU is the grouping of the states, the political and economic side and is mainly based on Governance, Economy and Development -
    The EC is basically in a nutshell the more detailed governing body which decides on Laws, Upholding of Treaties (For example Trade Agreements and the Treaty on which the EU was formed - Treaty of Maastricht) and other various Political decisions -

    Hope that clears something up

    The EC (Not EU) seems to hate too little competition or the damaging of other competition (Not Anti-Business) i.e. to give the consumer choice, obviously it might be looking into that consumer choice but as we know Intel and Microsoft pretty much dominate their respective markets so it's quite easy for the EC to try and find any sort of hole to get at them and try to get a fairer market for the EU as a whole thus getting prices for goods as low as possible. The EU might have some say Economically but overall the investigation and other things is done by the EC and anyway don't take it as fines to fund something in Europe I believe it is given to charity or to aid those less fortunate than some of us.
  13. bavon

    bavon TS Rookie

    Cowards, just like the British public and their government! Will some courageous soul please stand up to this cabal of peculators and thinly disguised Mafia Dons that calls itself the EU? I expect we'll have to wait until US ambassadors are being told how to wipe their a***s before anyone tells that gang of unelected freeloaders to take a hike.....
  14. bavon

    bavon TS Rookie

    Sorry, some of them are elected, but not the commissioners. Could an expert on EU matters please inform us?
  15. @bavon

    I'm no expert but I roughly know what happens having read about it

    The President of the EC is elected by the European Council which is the leaders of the 27 states in the EU, basically the Council is the highest political body of the EU, each Country gets it's own Commissioner, currently José Manuel Barroso is the President who got re-elected for a second 5 year term a few weeks ago so the Portuguese have their Commissioner then the other 26 states leaders pick the Commissioner they want to represent from their country.

    So your right about them being not elected, so in all reality they are nobodies because the people haven't elected them so we get no say at all, doesn't sound Democratic does it?
  16. Fun or pathetic replys ?

    You are crying about something who have not been decided for you and will have no consequence in the US... But you cry.
    EU cannot do as they want ? If they think MS do not respect THEIR laws, they cannot decided sanctions ? They have just to think and do like Americans, because Americans know what is good for european people ?

    Just a joke, IE8 is a **** and MS too. If you think it's not normal i know a big list of anormal things in the US. And they are more important that a stupid web browser...
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