Windows 98 registry help!

By samiam0440
Mar 2, 2008
  1. I got my laptop before this computer im on now (desktop) and my laptop is a little older and it has windows 98 installed. Well, at the time I really didnt know anything about computer memory and how it all works, so one day i tried to install something on my laptop and it said i needed more memory so I then started to erase everything (including some system files) because I thought that would clear enough memory so i could install it but now i realize it wouldnt of. So everytime i try to start my laptop, it wont even let me go to the desktop. It goes to the command part. and it says

    "The following file is missing or corrupted: C:WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS
    The following file is missing or corrupted: C:\WINDOWS\DBLBUFF.SYS
    The following file is missing or corrupted: C\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS
    Type the name of the command interpreter (e.g.,c:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)

    It says something is wrong with the registry. Please help!
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    erase this duplicate thread

    erase this duplicate thread
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