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Windows Installation questions

By tchiseen
Jul 17, 2005
  1. Okay guys, so i've got my 2 crap 80 gig hd's and im getting a brand new maxtor 300 gig 16mb cache SATA hd, and i want my computer to perform at its best, but i dont really wanna screw with the windows installation that i have now, cause it works. Also, i have things like Office 2003 that are activated and are going to be hard to, uh, reinstall and reactivate. Office2003 especially. if i had my choice i'd be using thunderbird, but i've got a PDA which needs outlook to sync mail and such, and i use it alot.
    so my question is, is there a way to move office 2003 to a new installation on windows xp(sp2 integrated) ???

    another question
    should i just move to mandrake? ive never ran linux before and really, i dont know crap about it, but i can learn. is it worth it?

    any input/alternate suggestions would be smashing!

  2. IronDuke

    IronDuke TS Rookie Posts: 856

    MaxBlast that comes with the drive will handle it all through wizards.

    As to Linux you'll find lots of thoughts in the Alternative OS forum.
  3. tchiseen

    tchiseen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    thank you VERY much. i got my harddrive but it didnt come with an installation cd. unfortuneately you told me this about 12 hours too late, but its alright, the only things i installed were games anywho, and ill just reinstall them.

    im having trouble with this tool. my old boot drive was C: and the new drive i want the windows installation on is E:
    i ran maxblast, it copied all the files, looked like it worked. it gave me some instructions file that told me to move my primary master ( C: ) to primary slave, and such so i ignored that crap. my old hd's C: and D: are IDE and E: is sata.
    in any case, i went to boot the new install and it gave me a windows stop error 7b, the ol blue screeny death. 7b is unmountable boot volume, so i put in my windows CD,bootd from it and did a repair on the windows install on E:, but now it doesnt boot. what's going on. did i miss somthing? jumper settings on C: ? idk. i cant get to the OS select menu if i still have the C and D: plugged in. what's going on? if c and d are in, it goes to a black screen. if just c or d are in, i can get them to boot, if d is in i have to hit f8, if i dont it says 'there was a drive read error hit crtl alt del to reboot' . each one i change the bios to think that the sata is #1 hd. this doesnt help for d drive. in any case, NOW it's getting hung up before i can eneter bios if both are plugged in. it gets stuck on 'checking NVram' what is going on? not enough power?

    edit 2-
    i didnt hit f6 to install anything when repairing windows, is this my problem? i thought i didnt have to cause the sata on my asus p4p800s-x is on board and not a raid controller. am i just stupid? i have never installed a sata drive before. it didnt come with a cd. if i need sata drivers to put into the f6 thing, where do i get them and how do i make it onto a cd.

    it was workign fine before. plugged it in, formatted it and installed windows xp sp2 integrated, worked great. could see the other ide drives, installed games, etc. just when i tried to do this its stuffed :(

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