Windows Installer at Startup

By Robin
Feb 17, 2006
  1. At Startup after I have recently run an XP Pro "repair" from the Windows CD I now get Windows Installer firstly indicating "Installing" (It is shown in Add/Remove Programmes) and then it is looking for "Photo Gallery" to install but says it can't find it because it is on another CD.
    [a] I do not know what CD it is looking for
    I do not want to install any Photo Gallery (I'm a little short of HD space).
    [c] All I want to do is to stop the Windows Installer box appearing at
    Startup, it never did in the past!
  2. Robin

    Robin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Windows Installer

    Problem Solved!
    Downloaded and installed "Windows Installer Cleanup Programme" a Zipped file titled = msicuu2.exe. Ran the program, located "Photo Gallery" and deleted it, I think must be an HP "mush" file that came with my HP PSC2355 software.
    No more "Windows Installer" pop-up at bootup! All of mymy photo's are still where they were and accessable.
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