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Mar 3, 2009
  1. Ok.. An overall summary of the problem I have ran into..

    I installed windows ultimate, everything worked great.. I decided to install Office2003 because thats the only version I had.. It installed, but ever since then, no matter what I click on, I get the windows installer pop up.. It takes about a minute or two and then it goes away.. That ranges from clicking on "Computer", "Control Panel" , or "Firefox".. For every program I click on or run, this pops up..

    I've installed the MSI cleanup utility but I get a "system administrator policies are in place that have prevented installation" so i can't run that. I've tried uninstalling office from the programs list, and I get this same message. I have UAC turned off and have tried seemingly everything to solve this issue, but no deals.. I've loaded in safe mode and I get " windows installer is not available in safe mode " .. Any help on this topic would be tremendous, as this is unbelievably annoying..
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  3. Turbine951

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    Thank you Kim for the response.. I didn't include that in my write-up but I did update to 4.5 earlier today. That still did not fix my problem.. I cannot determine the source of these problems. I also am lost as to why I dont have system administrator privileges..

    Any other ideas?
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    Confirm you are an Administrator privileged account by going to Control Panel Users
    Or log off and log on to an Administrator account and go back to Control Panel Users, and grant your user with Administrator privileges. You may need to do this in Safe Mode (accessed by pressing F8 function key before Windows starts up).

    This may help too ;)
    Please download this tool:
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    Thanks again.. However I downloaded UACTweak and the check box is in the off position.. I also check my status under Control Pane/Users and im set as Administrator. I dont understand why windows installer wont' fix itself.. I mean it pops up for EVERYTHING I do.. If i copy and paste something, it pops up, and its everytime.. Even if I've already opened My Computer.. And i close and reopen, it does it again..

    So frustrating..

    Edit: I also downloaded and ran a registry repair tool.. It didn't change any of my problems.
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