Windows Media Player can't play any file

By Evantelon
May 7, 2006
  1. Hi my name is Mario. I use Windows XP and I have been using WMP 10 for months without any problems. However in the past 2 weeks I can't make any file play. Evertime I try to play a file I get:

    Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.
    (More information shows thats a C00D1199: Cannot play the file)
    I have done everthing to correct the problem myself...
    All the file types to play are checked (asf, wmv, avi, wav, mpeg....etc)
    Player Settings
    Is set to download codecs automatically (it doesnt download the codecs)
    Is set Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands)
    Internet Security Level for this zone is set to medium (default)
    I RE-INSTALLED the video & audio drives.
    I even tried to use system restore to a previous month and nothing!!!!
    Im going crazy !!!!

    I already checked for viruses and for system errors using Norton Antivirus and Norton Disk Doctor

    WMP ONLY PLAYS "Windows Media Audio/Video file" type and the rest of the files have been designated as "Movie Clip" type.
    Because WMP is not working I can only see videos with InterVideoWinDVD (but I miss WMP)

    I hope someone out there will have a new idea that I haven't tried yet.
    I will really appreaciate any kind of help


    I think this is a good challenge to anyone!!!
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