Windows Media Player Streaming Problem

By jamesketchell
Jun 22, 2006
  1. Hi Guys,

    I've been having a problem with my desktop machine and WM streaming. Now i'm not convinced this is actually a WM problem, and more to do with how my machine thinks I'm connected to the Internet.

    Here are the symptoms:

    If i visit any website and view a windows media player window, for example gamespot. I can view the windows media player window, but i don't see any buffering, or any sign of life whatsoever in the player window. If i right click on the WM window and select error, i get box pop up basically telling me i'm not connected to the Internet. (no error numbers are shown at this point)

    If i follow the link from the message box it takes me to this page on MS site (which is ironic considering the message box tells me I'm not connected to the Internet)

    A search on the MS site then takes you to this page,;en-us;q317101 where i thought my problems would be solved. I've tried the solution to no avail.

    Now today i was in the process of setting up a new email account in outlook and i went to do a test email to see if the settings were correct, and i get an error message saying, basically I'm not connected to the Internet, so a test couldn't happen.

    So this has now got me thinking the error is not with Windows media player at all. The real cause is more in how my machine is somehow viewing my Internet connection. I have changed nothing on my setting that i think might cause this problem. Can anyone help?

    I've attached screen shots of the streaming error and the outlook error just for info.

  2. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    it is quite possible that it could be a codec needed for you wmp. then looking at outlook express it could be a firewall problem too.try closing down your firewall wall for a very short time, just enough to open outlook express and see if you get the same message,then do the same with wmp.

    check your pop3 settings. be sure that there are no spaces in the out and in server setting, that the dot is not a comma etc.
  3. jamesketchell

    jamesketchell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi thanks for the quick reply again.

    Its not something to do with codecs, ive already been around that loop, and my email is working fine. What i badly described in my easrly post was me trying to test an email account. The account works fine in reality, what i was trying to highlight is the fact that my computer thought i wasnt connected to the internet, in the same way it thinks im not connected when in WM. Even if i access WM on my desktop i get the same problem, its unable to view any online content.

    This all feels like something is blocking (and ive completely disabled firewall as well) MS systems from connecting to the internet, even when access is available.

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