Windows Phone to beat Android

By Archean
Apr 23, 2012
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  1. Windows Phone to beat Android

    Google is a company that sees itself as developer led and thus does not feel it needs to take outside input. Instead, it queries its internal people and based on that brings what it feels is best for the development community. This has led to a decrease in the interest developers have in the platform. That decrease could spell trouble in the future.

    Some very good points raised in this article, especially the fact that Mobile + Desktop OS are destined to merge at some time in future, which will put Android in great danger of becoming also ran in the longer run despite being very successful at one time. The day Apple and MS (it has added advantage of Office + OneNote + Skype) are able to provide an OS with compelling experience on mobile/desktop space, market may kiss good bye to Google's android. No wonder Larry said "Android isn't critical asset".

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